Are You Struggling with Choosing the Clothes to Wear?

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Ladies, have you ever experienced days that you have no idea what to wear despite having so many clothes in your closet? It might sound bizarre to men, but being frustrated with mix-matching your clothes daily is a valid reason to be stressed.

Usually, you start with choosing your preferred top and then finding the perfect jeans to go with it. There are cases where you would start with your shoes, but it is not always rainbows and butterflies for the ladies. More often than not, women cannot even find anything decent but casual to wear for work. There are also times that women do not have the time to find clothes that will match perfectly with each other, and the mood of the day.

This struggle is often caused by having too many options to choose from. What is more ironic is that it would then lead to the decision of buying even more clothes. It is perfectly understandable especially, with younger women who are yet to learn their favored style. However, when you reach your thirties, your supposed peak, mismatching in the mornings is a habit you need to outgrow. After all, clothes are financial investments too, and so you should carefully choose ones that you will actually be able to wear.

Wait, they are clothes you could be able to wear with anything? Yes, and they go with the term classic pieces. Here are some of them:

Neutral-Colored Clothes

The most important aspect of matching clothes is colors and shades. It is not always about the style in fashion. It is also about knowing what colors work with which and those which complement you. However, did you know that there are colors that never go out of style? They always work with anything, and they are safe to wear to any occasion. Take black for example. It works with anything!

Of course, there are occasions that call for black clothes such as paying your respects and helping out with funeral planning and arrangements, but you can also wear black on a first date and still be classy! You can also try rocking a black turtle-neck in the office, and simply emanate professionalism!

Start investing in neutral-colored clothes when you reinvent your whole wardrobe. Pick out neutral tops, classic slack jeans, and shoes that will go with them. Usually, you can pardon the neutrality with shoes as long as you do not go overboard with the shoe color that will throw the balance off.

Choosing the Clothes to wear

Leather Jackets and Shoes

If you want a jacket that lasts longer than others, you will not go wrong with leather jackets. The material used in these jackets will not only keep you warm but will also go with anything. Leather jackets go with any look. You can wear it over a dress, your streetwear, when you are traveling, and even with regular just-going-to-the-grocery-and-I’m-too-lazy-to-change clothes. Leather jackets have the versatility and the range that any women need.

You should not even worry about the material becoming wrinkled over the years. Leather is made to be creased. Creases give the material characteristics, the same way Chuck Taylor should always be a little dirty. Furthermore, when your jacket has creases, that’s how you would know leather is genuine and would last.

Leather shoes on the other hand can go with anything and already make it semi-formal. Let us say you have forgotten to pick up the dry-cleaning and you do not have any formal clothes to wear, you can go with a casual look but with your best leather-laced shoes. A white top, pair of jeans, and leather shoes would make you look like a confident and collected working professional. Someone who is laid-back but is responsible for things that demand attention. How about that for mix and matching?


We have mentioned the struggle of mixing and matching clothing pieces, so what do you think is the fastest solution to overcome it?

Perhaps all women know this: when you have had enough of mix-matching, go with a dress. You do not have to pair it with anything else but shoes and possibly a denim jacket. It works ninety percent of the time, and you do not even have to get stressed in the morning. It is basically picking and wearing for women all in a matter of seconds. It is not yet too late to start collecting dresses for your wardrobe. After all, dresses are lifesavers and also they look good!

As women age, being functional and practical trumps style. It is part of being an adult. So, there is probably something wrong with your wardrobe, if you are struggling to find something functional and comfortable to wear. That could only mean that you are not dressing up accordingly.

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