Going Green Will Be a Big Boost For Any Home

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In the past, power generation was the province of government and big companies. This was mainly because people were limited to expensive, non-renewable sources of power. But modern technology can now allow homeowners to tap into the power of the environment from renewable resources that are cheap and bountiful.

Multiple approaches will ensure that your home can be energy independent and sustainable. Here is a quick list of some of your possible options:

Solar Power

The most popular option right now and the most accessible is the use of solar power. Solar panels have become increasingly efficient and they can now generate a large chunk of your home’s power needs. Many companies can provide excellent deals for what was once too expensive.

For example, local SunPower dealers can provide you with access to the best panels in the business along with the equivalent energy monitoring system. They can do the job of installing the system and even provide you with a long-term warranty. If you are hesitant about going full solar, you can stay on the grid and still benefit from solar panel usage.

If that is the approach you want to take, you can cut your energy bills by 18 percent at the minimum. That is only the solar panel route. Other companies offer solar roof shingles and solar skylights for your home.

Wind Power

When people think of wind power, they imagine huge turbines that are not exactly subtle. But modern wind power generation now allows for a subtle approach. With a turbine that is as small as the lid of your trashcan, you can start generating power. Multiple turbines can generate even more. Depending on where your house is and the wind system that you use, your house’s wind power system can pay for itself from six to thirty years.

When that is done, you will have free energy with minimal maintenance. The great thing about this is the tax incentives that you can get depending on the state. Even more important is that you can mix solar and wind for maximum energy gains.

Hydro Power

Going Green

Another power generation system that is connected to large projects is hydropower. But if your rural property has access to a running stream, then micro-hydropower is the best approach you can take. A small dam on your property can provide you with 24/7 power and can start to pay for itself in no time. It is better than solar and wind since the running water will be continuous and uninterrupted.

Geothermal Power

If you are really lucky, then you might even have the chance at geothermal power. However, this won’t completely generate power for your home. It mainly takes the heat from the ground to heat your house. You can also use it to reduce the temperature in your home and transfer it underground. The result is a massively efficient HVAC system that costs you little.

Renewable energy is the wave of the future. Instead of being completely dependent on the power grid, modern power generation technology will allow your home to have its own energy. In some places, you can sell some of the power your house generates. The approaches above will give you energy independence and allow you to help save the environment in your own little way.

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