Signs of Love: How to Know You’re Falling

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Love is something that has baffled scientists throughout the years – people are still unsure of why humans choose to love. For people who are just beginning to experience falling in love, the emotional rollercoaster could be terrifying. Here are signs that could show that you and your partner are starting to fall deeper: 

You and Your Partner Are Focused on Each Other's Face

Think of the first feature of your partner that you focus on when you talk to each other. According to research, the eyes give away a lot of things, especially when it comes to crossing the line between lust and love. The movie Scarface got it right since the eyes, indeed, never lie.

According to research published on Psychological Science, volunteers that were shown photos of attractive people tend to stare more at their bodies if they have a sexual urge and desire spot on. This is compared to those volunteers who tend to have admiration and curiosity and focus more on the details of the person's facial features. If you and your partner make eye contact a lot, without them dropping down all the time, and you feel warm and giddy inside, it's a clear sign of being in love.

They Give You Something Important in Their Life

Material things do not necessarily equate the amount of love and passion that a person has for you. But most of the time, the material things given to you by someone special usually signify something deeper. For instance, when you're given something personal – if it has a significant backstory that they share with you – it means that they are sharing not only the item but also a portion of their life. It's something that they trust you enough to hold and is a sign of faith in you and love.

Another example is if you are given something that somehow gives you an idea about the future. This could mean getting promise rings – in which the universally accepted meaning is that an engagement ring usually follows it. It would also be a more obvious sign if your partner gave you customized ones, like "his" and "hers" promise rings for emphasis. No one can predict the future, but your partner giving you something like that means that they envision sharing a future with you, whatever it holds.

You Don't Feel "Pain" the Same Way

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As cheesy as this sounds, the scariest part and most painful part of falling in love is the act of "falling" itself.  But once you realize that you no longer have your reserves and hesitation of not being caught, it could mean you're in love.

A study conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine had participants look at a picture of someone special to them. It showed that 40% of moderate pain was reduced as they do, while 15% was reduced when exposed to a much higher level of pain. So the next time that you're feeling down and in pain, just look at your partner's favorite picture. It could help you calm down and feel better.

Both of Your Heartbeats Synchronize

Now, this isn't a sign that you could immediately do without the help of a stethoscope. But it's proven that when couples are in love, their breathing patterns and heart-rates are synchronized – especially if you make direct eye contact. So when you cuddle, lying on your partner's chest, and you can't tell if you hear your or their heartbeat, it could be a sign of being in love.

Also, knowing exactly if your heartbeats are synchronized might be tricky, but just the general feeling of relaxing and calming down as you listen to the rhythm of their hearts is a good sign of being in love.

Falling in love makes people do some of the craziest stuff, but remember that love doesn't always have to make sense. It just has to feel right.

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