Like and Share: The Problem of Today’s Wannabe Successful

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Great shifts in perspective about equality, work, health and success happened in the past decade. People associate them with each other and attach them to names like Mark Zuckerberg, Melanie Perkins, Evan Spiegel and other CEOs of notable companies.

Millennials and Gen Z crave their success. Some even stalk them daily on social media for inspiration. That, exactly, may be the problem of today’s working generation. You’ve invested time in following the right people on Instagram and creating secret vision boards on Pinterest.

But when was the last time you pursued worthwhile goals? As distracting as social media is, it’s possible to detoxify your mind and jump from “wannabe” to “gonna be” successful.

Always Scrolling

Put down your phone. It sounds simple, but it’s difficult to do when you’re so used to relying on it for everything. You have an app to replace your daily planner and even your gym membership. Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri even answer questions for you.

While they do make life convenient, they also make it hard to commit to profitable activities. Reading print books, writing in longhand and getting creative with alphabet stamp sets benefits the brain in many ways. The hand-to-brain connection involved releases endorphins and improves mental health.

You can also use this time spent offline to identify your life goals and invest in them. It’s a better way to spend the day compared to posing for a photo and struggling with the right caption.

Always Posting

person using social mediaWhen friends and influencers post captivating photos, it’s tempting to do the same, isn’t it? A recent trend that compares social media photos to real-life shows how deceiving online content can be. Exposing yourself to this daily can rob you of your confidence.

When you attempt to boost that confidence by posting similar photos, you only make it worse. It’s a never-ending cycle, and a silly one when you realize the success and wealth you see on social media can be false. Get your validation from face-to-face interactions with trusted family and friends instead.

They’re the ones who will offer you the love and criticism you’ll need as you navigate your success. Save posting pictures of yourself for remarkable feats you’ll achieve in the future.

Always Copying

Breaking bad social media habits helps you identify who you are outside of trends. Many people change their fashion choices, speech and even their aspirations to mimic celebrities. It’s not surprising given that influencer marketing is designed to compel consumers towards a certain idea, product, or lifestyle.

Tuning out of those influences grounds you back to your dreams and preferences.  What do you really want to succeed in? What’s your style, passions and most valuable skillsets? Polishing your skills and talents to a profitable level takes time, so you better start early.

When you’re focused on these, you have little time to mind the current happenings in social media.

Always Stay True

Another person’s lifestyle and achievements will always seem more appealing than yours. That’s natural. Remember that the goal isn’t to outdo one another, but to be your best self. It’s by staying true to who you are and what you want that you get fulfillment out of your success.

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