The Green Hair Agenda: How to Color Your Hair Green

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Thanks to modern hair trends and today’s celebrities, there’s no such thing as a “weird” hair color choice. From Dua Lipa and SZA to the Kardashians, many stars have cycled through nearly all the colors of the rainbow, including pink, yellow, blue and the booming purple color. With these trends, it’s no surprise that green hair is a hot style today.

Though most stars have been dabbling into bright hair shades with wigs, more celebrities are actually dyeing their minty green or neon green (we’re looking at you BTS fashion king Min Yoongi and Billie Eilish, Green Hair Enthusiast and Queen of Modern Music).

You may be thinking about going green with your hair but worry about many things:

  • “Can I pull off green hair?”
  • “What if I buy the wrong green hair dye? Is there no turning back?”
  • “Is green hair easy to maintain or will I regret this forever?
  • “How can I even dye my hair green?”

It’s natural to worry but you’ll miss out on the fun of dyeing your hair mint green, emerald green or your choice of green shade.

But is Green a Good Hair Color?

Many people have reservations about dyeing their hair green. Unlike blonde, brown or black, it’s not a natural-looking hair color. On the other side of the spectrum, it seems like a wilder wildcard color compared to its other bright siblings like pink, purple or blue. Plus, some people think that green reminds them of slime, grass or other items filed under the “Eww” Category.

On the contrary, green hair is a trendy and artsy look. It’s a fun color that adds character to any of your preferred style aesthetics. Plus, it brightens any look (especially if you go for brighter green hair shades) and makes you look happier, if not more delightful. Green, like the other hair colors, is also available in different shades, which you can freely mix and match. It also goes with any aesthetic: cold winter or warm summer.

Green is not a basic bright color. More people are dyeing their hair blonde, pink or purple; not everyone’s diving with mint green hair. So, if you’re up for a unique look or want to challenge your style comfort zone, go green with your hair color.

Which Hair Types are the Best Candidates for Green Hair?

Before making an appointment with a stylist or dyeing your hair green, take your hair type into account. To achieve green hair, you’ll need to bleach it multiple times if you have darker hair color. So, if you’re not a big fan of multiple bleaching or if you have colored your hair before, green hair is not for you.

Green hair is ideal for people with virgin hair (aka the hair that has never been colored before) or has naturally light hair. If your hair is too damaged, however, your stylist may discourage dyeing your hair green.

The Green Hair Agenda: How Do You Get Green Hair?

NOTE: The result of your green hair color adventure depends on the dye you use, the condition of your hair and the intensity of the hair color.

You can either have a professional color your hair green or do it yourself. If you choose the DIY approach, follow these steps:

  • Ready your hair for dyeing. Start by wearing clothes you’re OK with getting stained. If you don’t have clothes that are for dyeing, use a hairstyling cape or poncho to protect your clothes from dripped or spattered dye.
  • Analyze your natural hair color. The darkness of your natural hair color determines the need for bleaching. If you are a natural blonde, you can skip the bleach and directly apply the hair dye to your hair. But if your hair is tinged (like a strawberry blonde) or tinted, this will influence the color of your hair. Brunettes and redheads must bleach their hair before dyeing it green.
  • Bleach your hair. If you have to bleach your hair, be careful with this harsh chemical. Improper use of bleach can damage your hair. If you want to DIY your bleaching, mix and apply the solution according to the box’s directions. Also, avoid washing your hair before you bleach it. The oils in your hair protect it from the bleach’s harsh chemicals. Finally, if you have thick hair, you may need another bleach kit. Once you’ve applied the bleach, let it sit and eventually rinse it with a PH neutralizing shampoo.
  • Dye your hair. There are many ways to prepare your hair dye. If you want the brightest green color, use straight green hair. Follow the directions on the box for the best results. If your dye did not come with a mixing bowl, use a small Tupperware container or plastic bowl. Once you’ve applied all the dye, wait for it to set. Most dyes set 30 minutes to an hour so be patient. Don’t make the hair dyeing mistake of not leaving them long enough.
  • Touch up your hair regularly. To keep your dye-job looking fresh, use the leftover dye to touch up your hair two weeks later. You may need to mix the dye with your conditioner to freshen the color up without having to re-dye it.

Which Green Hair Style is for You?

One of the best things about dyeing your hair green is you can incorporate different coloring techniques to achieve a striking final look. You can also choose from a variety of shades — emerald green hair color, mint green hair color — anything! The sky’s the limit.

Consider the following green hair styles for your next makeover.

  • Green and blue balayage hair. Balayage hair makes color transitions look more natural. The shades are strategically applied to different sections of your hair. The seamless combination of green and blue colors gives your hair more dimensions.
  • Green streaks. If you’re not a big fan of dyeing all of your hair, this style is for you. Color a section or two of your dark hair with a light shade of green. The green color looks beautiful with the stark contrast. Green streaks can also help you gauge whether a full head of green hair would look good on you.
  • Green roots. If you previously dyed your hair platinum blonde, add more character to your style by coloring your roots green. Complement this hair color by cutting your hair into a layered bob.
  • Blond and mint green. Add life to blond hair by mixing pastel green in it. The green color adds more silhouettes to your hair, giving it a brighter look.
  • Neon green. Take a page out of Billie Eilish’s book and go neon green. If you want to achieve a rocker chic style, cut your hair into a blunt bob.
  • Dip-dyed dark green hair. If you’re not a big fan of dyeing your roots green, try dip-dyed hair. Choose a darker green shade (forest or emerald green hair is a good idea) if you want a seamless transition between your natural hair color and the green color. Complete your look by keeping your hair shiny and smooth.
  • Pink and green hair. What if you can’t decide between two hair colors? No sweat; just mix them. Pastels like pink and green go well together. It gives you a more playful look, which suits any kawaii

Is Green Hair Easy to Maintain?

Yes and no. It’s not too hard, but you need to exert effort to maintain the beauty of your green hair. To avoid awkward fading and extend the color of your hair, ask your stylist about custom-colored conditioners. These custom-made conditioners are made according to your hair’s texture and are free of chemicals that will wash off the green color. Apply this conditioner and wash it out of your hair with cold water. You can also use color-depositing conditioners to refresh your color at home.

Going green with your hair is a definite lifestyle change that requires routine care. This includes reducing your washing days. Limit yourself to washing your new green hair at least once a week. If you’re compelled to wash your hair, use dry shampoo instead.

Also, UV/heat protectants and moisture masks prolong your green hair color, as well as nourish your hair.


Whether you go emerald green or mint green with your hair color, it’s official: green hair is worth your time and effort. Don’t just settle for the basic bright hair colors. Enjoy the color of life that is green!

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