What To Wear On Your First Date: A Few Do’s And Don’ts

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First dates are a significant source of jitters and unexplained anxiety. These are moments that may either make or break a potential relationship. We all want to make an excellent first impression on our first date. Yes, compatibility and chemistry in conversations matter the most during this time. However, we also cannot deny that one’s looks also influence your overall desirability.

Some people may feel some wardrobe panic as the pressure mounts to get the best clothes for them. Dressing up for a first date should be easy and fun. Here are some rules that you definitely should not do in picking clothes for this memorable occasion.

Don’t wear uncomfortable footwear.

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Do not wear stilettos that you also wear for your Saturday night out. Give your guy the right image that you are preparing for this date and thus have the time to take off the heels you used the night before. Also, stilettos may be uncomfortable to wear. What will you be doing on your first date? Will you watch a concert? Are you going out to the movies or for coffee?

Women have the freedom to choose among a lot of footwear options.  Trainers are too casual for a date. Why not try some comfy heels to match your dress! Block heel or wedges are good options.

Men should not be too underdressed either. Go for smart-looking footwear like leather Oxfords, brogues, loafers, or a pair of nice boots. Don’t wear open-toe shoes to avoid exposing your toenails. That’s the last thing women would like to see on their first date.

Impressing your date should not mean getting overdressed. Ties may complement your jacket, but they may feel a little stuffy and businesslike. Leave them at home for another business engagement. Don’t go for shirts or clothes with busy patterns. Stick with neutral colors, as these would let you blend in almost anywhere.

Don’t show too much skin.

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Even if it is just for a concert or movie, don’t reveal too much skin on your first date. Overly trendy outfits or heavy makeup is a big No-no. Instead, aim for something natural and minimal to let your date how you look like even with very little makeup. If you are into wearing shorts, you can pair them with long sleeves and low-heeled shoes. If you plan to wear a backless or low cut in front, match it with a maxi skirt or jeans to take away the attention from the part where you reveal too much skin.

The rule is slightly different for men. Sometimes, men are too busy in the day’s work such that they don’t mind wearing the same baggy and loose pants they wore at work. Try to make your date feel that you have prepared for this moment. Ditch the loose and baggy outfit and switch to fitted but not too skin-tight clothes. A tailored dinner jacket paired with straight-leg jeans would be a smart and presentable outfit. A neatly-pressed button-down shirt would also be a good option.

If you don’t have time to change outfits after work, consider bringing separate clothes that you can use for your date later on.

Don’t take for granted adding some finishing touches to your outfit.

Finishing touches count a lot. It completes the outfit and even enhances it, creating a signature taste that sets you apart from others. If you plan to wear a black dress, take it to the next level by wearing accessories. Depending on the impression you want to make, the accessories should match your complexion and outfit. If you just got out from work, you may conceal your pencil skirt and uniform with a blazer. Putting on some blush and red lipstick will surely freshen up your demeanor. Wearing a subtle perfume would also boost your confidence and make you more appealing to your date.

Among guys, a watch will always be a useful accessory. Try something with a metallic strap if you are going out for a dinner date. A little spritz of cologne on the inside and outside of your outfit would also create a subtle impact.

Never think of wearing hoodies on your first date as these outfits are worn almost every day, thus taking the thrill and significance of the occasion. Unless you are going for a casual outdoor hangout in the neighborhood, hoodies should be the least in your priorities. Why not opt for some cashmere sweater or denim jacket instead!

Whether you meet your date from one of those matchmaking companies or through friends, your first date with them should be memorable in that it must leave a lasting impression afterward. Clothes speak a lot about your personality, and thus you have to choose what to wear carefully the first time you met them.

Ensure that you also come clean, clean, and fresh during that occasion. Take a bath or shower, pay attention to your breath and ensure that you smell fresh. Before leaving the house, don’t forget to check your shoes or sandals. Polish them and get rid of any dirt sticking on your footwear.

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