How to Take the Best Funeral Photos with Respect

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Funerals are as important as all other events. They bring family and friends together and allow them to celebrate a loved one’s life while mourning their loss. Here’s where funeral photography comes in.

As part of capturing the special memories during the funeral, you need to be careful and respectful when taking the photos. You will need to know your territory and timing to take meaningful photos at the funeral. If you are wondering where to start, here are a few tips to guide you.

Communicate With the Family Members First

The family of the departed gets to keep most of the memories and photos. You might want to talk to your clients first before the funeral. Get to know their wishes and suggestions concerning the funeral photos.

The more you understand their goals and needs, the easier it gets to take respectful funeral photos. Inquire about the specifics and if they would want you to focus on some people or portions of the event. Ask respectfully if there’s anything you should avoid capturing. Ensure your clients will be comfortable with the photographs you take.

Pre-Visit the Venue to Familiarize Yourself

Knowing where to position yourself during the funeral to capture the best photos is essential. Take a pre-visit to the venue to examine your strategies. Lighting is also an important aspect to consider when taking funeral photos.

Ask for permission to visit the venue and familiarize yourself with the setup. You should find great positions from which you can take clear pictures without interrupting the gathering. Determine the best angles and camera settings beforehand. You might also want to know what you will capture, depending on the will of the family members.

Take Special Photos to Celebrate the Departed

Depending on the type of funeral, you might want to focus on the special moments and things that usher memories of the departed. For example, most families choose quality headstones, and it is important to ensure you capture the headstones and the message on them. Take your time to capture the headstone clearly showing all the details.

You may also take photos of the loved ones carrying the coffin, burying the coffin, paying their last respects, and laying the flowers on the grave. Strategically capture members of the gathering, comforting each other depending on the needs of the clients. Remember to be respectful during the event.

Turn Off the Shutter and Flash Settings

You want to ensure that you can take your photos without moving around too much. Avoid disrupting the event with frequent movement. Your timing must be excellent so that you won’t be taking photos every second.

There are moments you would need to put down your camera to pay respect to the deceased. Turn off your flash to avoid causing more distress to the gathering. Your shutter should also be silent to avoid making unnecessary noise.

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Avoid Taking Personal Pictures Unless Requested

Your client probably disclosed who to focus on when taking personal photos. If not, it would be best if you avoided taking personal photos unless requested. Study your angles to take photos from behind. You could take group photos that show people comforting their loved ones. If someone requests a picture, offer to do that after the event to avoid missing the special moments.

Wear Dark Clothes

Your goal is to fit in the crowd and remain a silent partner at the funeral. Wear dark clothes to blend in with the rest of the gathering. It is advisable to get comfortable shoes that allow silent movement.

You want these funeral photos to be graceful and simple to commemorate the event. Your clients will appreciate respectful photos that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. These tips should help you get the perfect funeral photos.

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