How to Keep Your Skin Glowing from the Wedding Day to the Honeymoon

woman caring for her skin especially on her honeymoon
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All the wedding planning and preparation can sometimes wear down even the most dashing bride. This is why many brides-to-be’s are getting more conscious of their skin appearance before their big day comes up. Some visit a facial center or a waxing salon to ensure smooth, glowing skin until their honeymoon night.

Every bride wants perfect-looking skin for their wedding day. But sometimes, the wedding stress can wreak havoc on your skin in an instant. To help you achieve that glowing wedding-day skin, here are ways to amp up your skincare routine from your wedding until the honeymoon!

Start early

The key to getting youthful-looking skin on your big day is to prepare your skin at least three months ahead. Yes, you have to truly invest in your skin to look good on your wedding up until your honeymoon! This means developing healthy eating habits, sleeping early, exercising regularly, and staying away from stress. You should also consider eating more foods that give the skin a glowing appearance. These include salmon, cinnamon, dark chocolate, broccoli, and pistachios.

Three months is enough time to prepare your skin and start a skin regimen. Make sure to detox weekly to get rid of skin impurities and improve the overall skin texture.

If you’re planning to change your skincare routine, ask a dermatologist first. Even so, don’t try new products at the last minute to avoid risking a skin reaction or unexpected breakouts. You don’t know how your skin will respond to these products, so it’s better to use the tried-and-tested ones instead.

It’s also important to be mindful of the makeup products and tools you’ll be using on your wedding day. If you have a makeup artist, talk to them ahead of time about the type of makeup products they will use. You don’t want to get an allergic reaction to your wedding makeup.

Schedule professional skincare services

If you simply don’t have the time to care for your skin during the wedding preparations, consider setting appointments with professional skincare services. The stress and pressure from all the wedding planning can surely wear you down.

There are plenty of reasons why you should see your dermatologist early on. First, they can assess the current state of your complexion better than you. Two, they can suggest strategies for achieving your skincare goals.

Aside from the derm, treat yourself a laser hair removal before the wedding and the honeymoon. Being busy with the wedding can put shaving the last thing on your mind. You should also visit a trusted aesthetician to keep your skin in good shape. A professional aesthetician can address your skincare goals according to your needs and budget. But be sure to avoid overdoing the treatments since post-facial flareups are likely. You don’t want your skin looking a mess on your wedding and honeymoon date.

Don’t skip your honeymoon skin care
couple going for a spa during their honeymoon

Preparing for the honeymoon feels like packing for a long trip. Understandably, you might feel tempted to minimize skin care when traveling. Of course, you’d rather use your precious time enjoying the trip with your partner instead of focusing on your skin appearance.

While cramming your #OOTDs into your carry-on, make sure to include your skincare regimen as well. Skin care is essential if your skin isn’t used to the climate of your honeymoon location. You have to pack the right products to keep your skin pampered wherever you plan to go.

Making time for skin care during the honeymoon doesn’t mean you should bring your entire vanity. You can simply pack a few skincare basics for traveling. But if you’re planning to travel to a tropical climate, pack some skincare products made for warm weather. The same goes for packing your cold-weather skin care for colder climates. You can also consult a dermatologist if you’re worried about how your skin will turn out in a different climate. They can provide prescriptions and skincare recommendations to protect your skin.

If you have limited space to fit your skincare products, consider buying travel-sized products or filling in empty containers, such as spray bottles, tiny plastic jars, or contact lens cases. Consider leaving your acid and retinol at home since they’re very sensitive when exposed to the sun for long periods.

Planning for your big day can be nerve-wracking, but don’t let the preparations ruin how your skin looks. The right skincare routine should get you covered from the day you walk down the aisle until your honeymoon. So, don’t forget to follow the tips above to get that top-notch bridal glow.

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