A Guide to Becoming a Loving Dog Owner Despite Your Busy Schedule

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Having pets like dogs is not simply for public display or constant entertainment. For genuine pet owners, a dog can provide devoted companionship and unconditional love. They simply make life healthier and happier. Studies found that dogs can boost a person’s emotional and physical wellness.

For one, they can eliminate social isolation by giving you constant cuddles and emotional support. In short, a dog can reduce your loneliness. Not to mention your dog can also encourage you to move through long treks. With so many benefits, it’s clear that being a dog owner can be remarkable and rewarding. But what if you’re a busy person?

A hectic schedule is a common barrier between the relationship and bond of a dog and the owner. Let’s talk more about that and how you can make time for your dog even with a busy schedule.

1. Create a new routine

Depending on your living situation and lifestyle, a  daily routine can make your life more manageable. If you’re constantly overwhelmed with your personal and work responsibilities, it’s best to create multiple routines for everything. Regardless of whether you want to have a morning or evening routine, make sure to include dog care. Find time to bond, exercise, and feed your furry companion.

This also allows you to set up a routine for them that they can look forward to every day. It tells them when it’s time to eat, play, or rest. And as they’re more aware of what to expect from you, you can be less stressed out. Overall, a daily routine can make you and your dog more disciplined and organized.

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2. Find a reliable vet clinic

When dog owners look for a vet clinic, the common things in consideration are the expertise and experience of the veterinarian and the rates for services. But if you’re someone who mostly has a jam-packed daily schedule, don’t forget to consider the efficiency of the clinic. Ideally, you’d want to visit a clinic that can quickly attend to your concerns and conveniently schedule your vet visits.

A clinic equipped with time-saving equipment like a medical supply cart is a good indication that the vet team works efficiently. Supply carts don’t just make the staff of vet clinics work faster but also more organized. A clinic with disorganized vet supplies and workflow is never a good choice if you’re a busy person. Not only are they more likely to take more time to accommodate vet visits, but there’s also a risk in safety for your furry companion. Choose your vet clinic wisely.

3. Give time for training

Training your dog should be a priority, especially if you’re a busy person. Not only will this make your life easier but also prevent your dog from household or outdoor accidents. As much as possible try to fit in a 10-15 minute training twice or thrice a week, depending on your schedule. There’s no pressure to do this for several minutes, just make sure to schedule a regular training session at least each week. If it’s for a new dog, it’s best to first decide on the house rules.

What parts of your living space are off-limits? Are they allowed on the furniture or the bed? It’s also a smart move to give your dog a private den where you can leave them. A private den ensures the safety and comfort of your furry companion when you’re not around. It’s an important element of house training.

4. Puppy proof your space

Puppy or dog-proofing your home can save you a lot of time and hassle, which is a good thing for busy dog owners. At the same time, this provides your dog with a safe environment they can explore and live in. Start by keeping all the trash under wraps. Dogs love exploring things that smell. Covering and securing your trash will prevent your dogs from getting hurt or consuming something toxic when you’re not around or aren’t looking.

To protect your furry friend from accidental burns or electrical shock, cover all cords, power cables, or charges. You’d also want to keep all your medications and supplements out of sight and reach of your dog to avoid poisoning. If you have houseplants, take notes of the ones poisonous for dogs and replace them. Houseplants can usually cause serious health issues from organ failure, digestive upset, to death.

There’s no denying that dogs can make us happier and healthier in so many ways. And if you’re looking to experience all those benefits, it only makes sense to first find time to take care of your dog. Use the tactics in this guide to better manage your hectic life and be a responsible dog owner.

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