There’s More to Kim Seokjin Than Just “Worldwide Handsome”

Kim Seokjin
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BTS’s Kim Seokjin (aka Jin) has always been the designated “visual” or “handsome guy” of the band. During his earlier years, Jin was the flower boy — pretty and quite shy. If you watch their old “Run! BTS” episodes or “Bangtan Bombs,” he was always the quiet eldest, laughing behind his younger brothers while interviewers noted his handsome visuals.

But as the years progressed, Kim Seokjin started coming out of his shell. People started noticing him not just for his looks and iconic BTS fashion, but for a myriad of things. Albeit in 2017, Seokjin found himself a new nickname: “Worldwide Handsome.”

Since then, the oldest BTS member has gone by the nickname and owned it like a pro. But there is more to Kim Seokjin than just a pretty face.

Why Is Jin Worldwide Handsome?

In 2017, the global icon told the story of how his nickname “Worldwide Handsome” came to be. During a press conference for the “207 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour FINAL,” Jin introduced himself as “Worldwide Handsome.”

bts jin
There’s a reason people call him “Worldwide Handsome.” (Photo from Pinterest)

He admitted that the nickname was a self-made one, saying that he was the one who gave himself the nickname. Apparently, he came up with the name during an interview. At the same time, Seokjin was getting recognition for being the “Third Guy from the Left” during the Billboard Music Awards. So, he figured to run with it.

While Seokjin confidently wears the “Worldwide Handsome” badge, he admits that he finds it a little embarrassing, but since fans like it, he does it.

There’s no denying that Kim Seokjin has A+ visuals. Even BTS leader RM says that their eldest member’s natural good looks played a big part in their popularity. A Korean plastic surgeon also mentioned that Jin’s face is perfect. Everything about his face— his nose, eyes, lips — is on point. So, Kim Seokjin’s claim of being Worldwide Handsome is valid.

But as mentioned above, Seokjin isn’t just a pretty face. He’s more than that.

What Kind of Person is Kim Seokjin?

Educated Idol

Life as an idol is one of the toughest in the world. Young kids are brought to Seoul to train nonstop. Before you could debut, you had to undergo a grueling training process.

Like the other idols, Jin had to undergo the same process. But unlike his younger members, he was already in college. Three months after attending Konkuk University in 2011, he was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment while walking down the street. Initially, he didn’t want to be a singer since he didn’t have any musical background. He was majoring in acting in college.

Still, Seokjin auditioned for Big Hit and became an idol trainee. During his years as a trainee and even when he debuted as an idol, he continued his tertiary education. In 2017, Seokjin finally earned his degree in acting and art. Because of his hectic schedule with BTS, he was unable to attend his graduation. Fortunately, the band threw him a mini graduation party, which they streamed live via VLive.

Trust Seokjin to do more with his education. After graduation, he enrolled in graduate school at Hanyang Cyber University.

A Kind and Caring Social Butterfly

BTS’s Jin is popular for being warm, friendly and kind. He functions as an ice-breaker in any social group. Most of the members describe him in the same manner. Their eldest is a pure and kind person who always acts with thoughtfulness towards everyone. With his members, he always looks after them. He would cook for them, tend to them and take care of them.

Like V, he is also a social butterfly. Seokjin makes a lot of friends. One of the most notable ones is his 92’ liner group, which he shares with the other idols born in 1992. He also started an idol gaming club, which included idols who play League of Legends. These are Youngjae of BAP, Park Ji Hoon of Wanna One, Ken of VIXX and Eunkwang of BTOB.

Outside of the idol world, Seokjin is friends with other celebrities like Chef Baek Jong Won, who became a guest in one of the “Run! BTS” episodes. He managed to even charm Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin so much so that the singer gave him his guitar!

Resident Cook and Foodie

If you watch “Run! BTS”  or “In The Soop” religiously, you’ll know that Jin is always the one cooking (apart from Suga). This is because Kim Seokjin is a die-hard foodie. Before, he had his own food web series called “Eat Jin” where he would do mukbangs and reviews of the food he eats. On top of that, he’s also a great cook.

How many times have we watched Seokjin cook? Too many times.

The Funniest Member

Each BTS member has his brand of humor, but the loudest humor has got to go to Seokjin. One of his iconic trademarks is his “Dad Jokes.” He doesn’t do them much now, but there was a time when Kim Seokjin would pull off one Dad Joke after the other, which makes the members and their fans laugh. He can make Dad Jokes in both Korean and English.

Apart from the Dad Jokes, Seokjin himself is funny. He makes faces, he whines and he plays with his members. Sometimes, it comes off as immature, but Seokjin says that if he acts young, he can look and feel young. Maybe that’s why he looks ageless?

A Practical Advice Giver

Despite his antics, Kim Seokjin is also wise. If you’ve watched his interviews, shows or streams, you must’ve heard a piece of Seokjin advice once or twice. Here are some of our favorites:

  • “Your presence can give happiness. I hope you remember that.”
  • “Sometimes, I’d feel restless, watching my friends go on far ahead of me. And attempting to keep up with their speed would only leave me breathless. I soon realized that their pace was not my own. What held me together during those times was a promise I made to myself: take it slow. I’d go at my own pace steadily.”
  • “Only you have to know hard you work.”
  • “It’s hard to love yourself, but you can build up self-esteem with efforts. So, have the mindset that you love yourself and give compliments to yourself. In our lives, we may experience some hardships. When you’re faced with such things, don’t blame yourself. Talk to yourself that you will do better next time. If something goes well, please praise yourself.”


Kim Seokjin is Worldwide Handsome, there’s no denying that. But he is also a Worldwide Inspiration that portrays talent, perseverance, generosity and kindness.

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