Jung Hoseok is the Underrated Ace of BTS

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In the world of K-Pop, there will always be members who are considered ‘fan favorites,’ aka the most popular members of the group. In BTS, V (Kim Taehyung) and Jeon Jungkook always fill these spots, with the other members (namely Jin, Jimin, RM and SUGA) following behind. But there’s always one member that ends up in 7th place when it comes to fan favorites and that is J-Hope, aka Jung Hoseok.

And we’re here to refute that.

Fans call Jungkook the “Golden Maknae” for being good at everything. While he is the Golden Maknae, J-Hope is the underrated “Golden Hyung,” the equally talented counterpart of the youngest in BTS. He’s not just a good dancer — he’s an iconic singer, rapper and entertainer. On top of that, he’s the biggest cheerleader and one of BTS’s fashion icons (have you not seen the J-Hope aesthetic?).

If you need more convincing, here’s why Jung Hoseok should also be on your bias list.

He’s a Banging Dancer

There’s a reason he’s BTS’s dance leader. J-Hope is a skilled dancer. Even before he debuted as a member of BTS, he was already a popular dancer in Gwangju, his hometown. He has performed at a festival in Gwangjus and won several underground dance battles.

Fellow BTS member V confirms this. When he debuted in BTS, a couple of his friends found out that he was debuting with J-Hope, aka “the one from that dance academy in Gwangju.”

Before he shot to fame, J-Hope was a member of the street dance team NEURON where he specialized in popping, as well as its sub-genre called ‘Boogaloos.’

One of the best things about J-Hope is he can dance anything — whether it’s hip-hop or any random dance. Dancing is his passion and he’s good at it. He can even dance to all the girl group songs flawlessly.

He’s a Good Singer and Songwriter

Most people know Jung Hoseok for his dancing and rapping skills. But once you’ve immersed yourself into the world of BTS, you’ll realize he’s more than these.

First, he’s a good songwriter. He has written over 100 songs. All of the tracks in his solo mixtape “HOPE WORLD” were written by him, and he produced many of the tracks (with assistance from the other BTS members). He also co-wrote the biggest BTS hits like “Boy In Luv,” “Dope,” “I Need U” and “Blood, Sweat and Tears.”

In terms of singing, he has actually surprised many people by showing off his vocal range in “Mama,” “Ego” and “Blood, Sweat and Tears.” His deep tone is lovely and has a unique tone that adds charm to their songs.

He’s an Energizer Battery

bts jhope
Cool and fun, that’s how Jung Hoseok rolls (Photo from Pinterest)

SUGA said it himself: J-Hope is an energizer. Originally, he considered Jung Hoseok as one of the saddest members of the group. It’s hard to imagine that now since J-Hope is known for his sunshine personality. His chirpy and goofy personality makes it possible for him to lift up anyone’s spirits.

He’s not called “J-Hope” for nothing. Whenever he introduces himself to fans, he always says “I’m your HOPE” because Hoseok wants to spread positive energy and happiness. His stage name matches his sunshine personality and he always brings loud laughter to the band and to the fans.

When you’re feeling down, you just might need a heart-shaped smile from Jung Hoseok.

He’s a Family Man

Out of all the BTS members, Hobi is the one most open with his family. Even before his fame, the rapper always talked about his mom, dad and sister (J-Hope’s sister just happens to be a famous influencer). In fact, one of the reasons he hasn’t pierced his ears is because of his father’s wishes for him not to. He was supposed to break that promise, be he ended up not doing it.

J-Hope loves to talk about his family when allowed. He also posted a photo of them on his personal Instagram. Fans also saw photos of him attending his sister’s wedding and giving a speech, which made his older sister cry.

He’s the Not-So-Secret Second Leader of BTS

RM, being the leader of BTS, is the Alpha of the group and beside him is the Beta, J-Hope. In fact, RM once said that Hobi “shares half my leader role” since his fellow 1994-liner has amazing leadership skills. And we see that whenever he’s teaching and leading the band’s dance choreographies. There’s a running joke in the fandom that he’s nicer with others but meaner with BTS when it comes to dancing.

He also supports RM whenever, wherever. Whether he has to carry the weight of the team’s expectations or help Namjoon translate the thoughts of the members in a chaotic interview, Jung Hoseok always backs up the BTS leader whenever needed.

And according to Jungkook, if Namjoon is the leader, Hobi is the glue that keeps the members together.


Without J-Hope, there is no BTS. For this, he deserves all the love, admiration and a spot on your bias list.

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