Perfecting the Art of Rocking a See-Through Dress (And Other Sheer Pieces)

woman wearing see through dress
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Even if you’re up for a fashion challenge that features thigh-high slits and Dua Lipa-level cutouts, you might want to draw the line when the conversation moves to rock a see-through dress. After all, not everyone’s confident or comfortable enough to bare it all in see-through clothes.

See-through dressing (aka naked dressing) isn’t new in the fashion scene. Think Kate Moss in 1993, wearing a barely-there bias-cut and sheer maxi dress. Fast forward to recent years, think Rihanna in her dazzling sheer Adam Selman gown. Despite the growing number of celebrities rocking see-through clothes, the idea of you baring it all in a see-through dress can be daunting.

Fortunately, we live in modern days where revealing outfits aren’t always considered promiscuous or risqué. Wearing a see-through dress can be a fun and playful fashion adventure that promotes confidence.

When it comes to perfecting the art of see-through clothing, it comes down to knowing which sheer clothes you should have, what you should wear under the sheer clothes and how to make the pieces feel and look subtle.

See-Through Clothes: The Sheer Must-Haves

What are the see-through clothes that you should have in your wardrobe?

Here are some ideas that most celebrities also do.

See-Through Dress

The top must-have on our list, you can get away with a plethora of fashion looks with this piece of clothing. From sensual sheer slips to embroidered numbers, you’ll never run out of options. See-through dresses are versatile; you can wear them as a daytime number or elevate them for your eveningwear, depending on how you style them. Pair your sheer dress with an embellished handbag, some boots and cat-eye sunglasses.

See-Through Blouse

Most see-through blouses are lingerie-inspired and incredibly romantic. If you want to look more feminine, wear a romantic see-through blouse and pair them with your favorite high-waist denim jeans. If you want a more sophisticated look, why not pair your blouse with a full-length skirt? Complete the look with gold jewelry.

See-Through Skirt

To add volume to your ensemble, it pays to have a full tulle, see-through skirt. While this skirt gives off romantic and fancy vibes, you can still keep it casual and pair the skirt with an oversized button-down shirt. Complete the look with some eyeglasses and white sneakers.

See-Through Gown

A see-through gown is the best way to elevate your look for a fancy wedding or any occasion. The runways are flooded with see-through gowns that are available in different styles, lengths and colors.

See-Through Cover-Up

You can wear see-through while you’re out at the beach, too! Enhance your bikini look with a see-through cover-up. It’s chic, lightweight and exposes your bikini without giving away too much.

See-Through Trench Coat

Is it possible to rock a see-through trench coat? Yep.

The sheer coat is perfect for rain-proof styles that keep you looking fabulous. Pair your see-through coat with a cozy turtleneck and some black trousers.

How Do You Wear a Dress that is Too See-Through?

Woman in White Lace Long Sleeve Dress
How do you wear a see-through dress with confidence? (Photo by inna mykytas via Pexels)

Another important aspect of see-through clothing is what you wear under them. Figuring out the clothes to wear can be a chore, but we’re here to narrow down your choices.

What to Wear Under a See-Through Top

Wear a conservative top under your see-through top. Not only will you get away with a professionally decent look, but you can also rock a swish fashion style. But if you want to wear see-through tops exclusively, wear tops with built-in opaque panels so you can look fabulous without exposing anyone.

What to Wear Under a See-Through Blouse

You have more room to play when it comes to what you should wear under your sheer blouse. If you’re wearing a neutral blouse, a colorful slip underneath creates a statement without being too bold. If you want to challenge yourself, wear a demure crop top or a stylish bra.

You can also go for floaty and loose see-through blouses, which can reduce the ‘risqué’ factor that comes with wearing sheer blouses. Bold and heavy prints also lessen the need to wear the right undergarment.

What to Wear Under a See-Through Dress

Deciding the undergarments for see-through dresses is trickier compared to blouses or tops. But there’s always a way! If your see-through dress has crucial patterns or is made of lace, wear long slips that fall to your knee and make sure the colors are the same. Trust the dress’s beautiful pattern to add a sophisticated look to your look.

If your dress has sparse embellishments or patterns, wear a contrasting color slip to make your designs stand out. Make sure that your undergarments match your dress well and are fancy enough. Another good option is a camisole under your dress. The camisole should be in neutral shades. Complete the look with a micro skirt and a classy bra.

What to Wear Under a See-Through Skirts/Pants

Add another element to your look by wearing a skirt under another sheer skirt since you don’t want your undergarments to show. Don’t hesitate to play with materials, textures and colors to perfect your style.

Tips for Wearing the See-Through Dress (and Other Sheer Pieces of Clothing)

To perfect the art of the sheer dress, keep the following style tips in mind.

  1. Invest in good underwear. Buy minimalist-looking underwear that has a flattering cut but keeps you looking your best. If you don’t want to bare too much, go for the bodysuit. This can also help you tone your look.
  2. Consider the dress code. While we want to challenge our fashion preferences every now and then, not all occasions call for a see-through dress. Always pick and choose your occasion.
  3. Select a lining that matches your skin tone. If you want to create an illusion of showing some skin without showing anything, add a nude lining to your dress. Just make sure it’s the same skin tone as yours.
  4. Consider the lighting of the location. Lighting exposes what you’ll look like in your see-through dress. In front of your mirror, you might be satisfied with what you can and cannot see. However, different lighting (e.g. a camera flash) might reveal that you’re sharing more of your skin. Always test your outfit in different lighting situations first.
  5. Wear your clothes with confidence. If you feel good about your clothes, you’ll look good! Coat your lips with some clear lip gloss and you’re good to go.


Pulling off a see-through dress (or any see-through clothing) is all about how much you want to show or hide, as well as the look you want (do you want to go brazen or demure?). Initially, rocking a sheer look might seem difficult. But with a little trial and error, you’ll be winning the game in no time.

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