Where are the NSYNC Members? WE Want Them Back

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In the ‘90s, the world was obsessed with its boy bands. It seemed that every record company was forming a group of good-looking young men who can sing and dance until they made all the teenage girls sob.

Before there was BTS, One Direction and other bands, there were the ‘90s boy bands.

One of the most popular bands in the ‘90s was NSYNC. Formed in 1995 in Orlando, FL by Chris Kirkpatrick, NSYNC had five phenomenal members who looked good and sang well. The band’s members were Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake.

NSYNC won the heart of many fans when they released hits like “This I Promise You,” and “Bye Bye Bye.” In 2000, their sophomore LP “No Strings Attached” sold 1.2 million units on its first day. They eventually promoted the album via the “No Strings Attached Tour,” which was the second-highest-grossing tour in the United States in 2000. They also completed five nationwide tours and sold more than 70 million records.

There’s no doubt that the band’s success and mark in history are due to its singers. NSYNC’s members are the core of NSYNC’s popularity and legacy. Even after they went on an indefinite hiatus in 2002, fans are still keeping tabs on their favorite NSYNC members.

Since their hiatus, each NSYNC member went through his personal venture. We’ve seen them reunite every now and then (Cue: the 2013 MTV Music Awards’ NSYNC medley), but we can’t help but wonder how the members are. Some of them are always under the spotlight, while others are living quiet lives. Sometimes, fans just want to scream “I want you back, NSYNC!”

So, how are the NSYNC members? How much are they worth? And are they still friends?

Who Were the Original 5 Members of NSYNC?

Lance Bass (Net Worth: million)

Back in the old NSYNC days, this member was known for his shyness and charming personality. Here’s a fun fact: Lance Bass was the final member to join NSYNC. Jason Galasso was the bass singer of the band before Bass’s arrival. Unfortunately (yet, fortunately), things didn’t work out between Galasso and the band so he left. This opened a door for Lance Bass and he completed the five-member boy band.

Out of all the members, Lance Bass was the most uncomfortable with his dancing. He admitted that he didn’t know how to dance before becoming one of the NSYNC members, so he had a difficult time when learning the choreographies of their songs.

Since NSYNC’s indefinite hiatus, Lance Bass took advantage of his boy band fame by participating in projects in the entertainment industry. These days, he keeps away from music and focuses more on film, TV and radio. In 2001, he made his film debut by appearing in “On the Line.” He also pursued a career in reality TV by competing in “Dancing With the Stars.” On top of that, he hosts his radio show “Dirty Pop with Lance Bass.”

Thanks to his projects, Lance Bass’s net worth stands at $20 million, which is the result of his hard work as an author, producer, actor, singer, dancer and TV host.

After his life as an NSYNC member, Bass also came out as gay in 2006 in a cover story for People Magazine. Since then, he has been championing the rights of his fellow LGBTQIA+ members, which earned him the Human Rights Campaign Visibility award in 2006. He has been married to his husband Michael Turchin since 2014.

Joey Fatone (Net Worth: million)

Before becoming an NSYNC member, Joey Fatone already had a flair for entertainment. After graduating high school, he became a performer for Universal Studios. He was Wolfie on the stage performance of “Beetlejuice’s Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue.” His fellow performer Chris Kirkpatrick invited him to join NSYNC and he became the fourth member to join.

His passion for music grew as NSYNC shot to stardom. He was also the jester of the group, making the members and fans laugh with his crazy dance moves and goofy personality. His comedic relief made him one of the NSYNC’s most likable members.

After the hiatus of the band, he didn’t pursue a solo career in music. Instead, he dabbled in acting and appeared in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” He went on to appear in the film’s sequel “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” and the show “My Big Fat Greek Life.” Apart from his movies, Fatone also hosted NBC’s “The Singing Bee” and “Impractical Jokers: After Party.” He also became a contestant on several popular TV shows like “The Masked Singer” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joey Fatone’s net worth sits at $7 million.

JC Chasez (Net Worth: million)

Out of all the NSYNC members, JC Chasez is one of the first members to dabble in entertainment at an early age. Despite being a shy child, he auditioned for Disney’s “The Mickey Mouse Club” and become a cast member in the fourth season until the show’s cancellation in 1994. His time as a Mouseketeer introduced him to fellow Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake, who would be another member of NSYNC.

When NSYNC became a band, Chasez became the group’s frontman and performed lead vocals alongside Timberlake. His voice was the highlight of the group. He also helped with the writing of some of the band’s songs.

After his life in NSYNC, JC Chasez tried to pursue a solo career in music. In 2004, he debuted his first solo album “Schizophrenic” through Jive Records. However, his debut was overshadowed by Timberlake’s wardrobe malfunction controversy at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Up to this day, “Schizophrenic” is the only album he released.

Despite the troubles with his solo album and supposed follow-up album (a heated dispute with Jive Records led to the demise of “The Story of Kate”), Chasez continued to write music for other writers, which includes Taio Cruz, McFly, Taemin and Liz. These ventures earned JC Chasez a net worth of $16 million.

Chris Kirkpatrick (Net Worth: million)

There would be no NSYNC if there was no Chris Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick was the foundation of the band (and the oldest member, too).

While working at Universal Studios and singing for a throwback doo-wop group, he was discovered by Lou Pearlman, the man who would finance the creation of NSYNC. Pearlman promised to finance the band and tasked Kirkpatrick with finding the right members. He first found Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez and eventually recruited Joey Fatone and Lance Bass.

During the band’s fame, Kirkpatrick served as the countertenor. Apart from being an NSYNC member, he also performed with Sureshot and Bravo All-Stars.

After the hiatus of NSYNC, Kirkpatrick found success in TV shows. He voiced Chip Skylark on “The Fairly OddParents.” Apart from his voice acting projects, he also appeared in “Dead 7” and “Sharknado 3.” He also made another band called Nigel’s 11, which was an alt-rock indie band. They released their debut album “Clandestine Operation” in 2010.

Christ Kirkpatrick’s net worth stands at $10 million.

Justin Timberlake (Net Worth: 0 million)

Justin Timberlake set the standard for members leaving their boy bands to become successful solo artists.

Starting off as a member of “The Mickey Mouse Club,” Timberlake was recruited by Kirkpatrick’s band and became one of the most popular NSYNC members. Girls were in love with his good looks, curly ramen hair and incredible dancing and singing skills.

Since the band’s hiatus in 2002, Timberlake became a solo artist and has enjoyed a thriving career since then. He is known for iconic bops like “Rock Your Body” and “Cry Me a River.” One of his most iconic projects is his collaboration with producer Timbaland, which produced his successful sophomore album “Future Sex/LoveSounds.” In 2013, his “20/20 Experience” combined the neo-soul music of the ‘80s and ‘70s. The album became the highest-selling album of 2013.

Apart from being a successful singer, Timberlake also became a successful actor. His film debut in the thriller film “Edison” set the tone for his Hollywood career. He went on to appear in several box-office hits such as “In Time,” “Friends with Benefits” and “The Social Network.”

Currently, Justin Timberlake’s net worth is $250 million.


Despite being on hiatus for more than a decade, the members of NSYNC reunite every now and then. Members of the band confirm that they do keep in touch when available — and that’s enough for fans. But we can’t help but hope that a reunion album is a possibility for our beloved NSYNC members.

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