Live Your K-Idol or Kdrama Style Dreams with Korean Bangs

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The Korean wave (aka the K-wave or Hallyu wave) shows no signs of stopping. With an abundance of South Korean TV shows, films and pop groups, it’s clear that K-trends are here to stay and will most likely continue to influence our daily lives — particularly in fashion and beauty.

Take Korean bangs for example. These wispy Korean bangs have captured the attention of many because many K-idols or Korean celebrities are wearing the same hairstyle. These Korean curtain bangs are especially popular among the ladies since it gives anyone a soft and feminine look.

So, if you’re thinking about getting these aesthetic Korean bangs, here’s everything you need to know about this style.

Why are Bangs So Popular in Korea?

Compared to the straight and thick bangs seen on celebrities like Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel, see-through Korean bangs soften the facial features, giving anyone a sweeter and more girly look. Korean celebrities such as Song Hye Kyo, Lee Yeon Hee and Yoon Eun Hye have worn this hairstyle for the past few years. They wore it beautifully that it inspired most of their fans to do the same.

But the best thing about this hairstyle is it creates the illusion of a smaller face, which is a beauty standard in Korea. Anyone with a square or round-shaped face can slightly tweak their face shape with these bangs. But this doesn’t mean that Korean bangs aren’t suitable for other face shapes. It’s so versatile, anyone can pull it off.

Also, most bangs need commitment. However, these see-through Korean wispy bangs are more forgiving. They require less maintenance since not a lot of hair will be cut. When it grows out, these curtain bangs can be easily integrated with the rest of your hair so you can enjoy a fringe. This is perfect for an on-the-go Korean girl who wants to improve her look without worrying too much about it.

Finally, Korean curtain or wispy bangs can be easily recreated by hairstylists. In fact, you can cut aesthetic Korean bangs by yourself (as long as you have the right tools and learn the right DIY techniques).

How to Cut Bangs Korean Style

There are different types of Korean bangs: choppy bangs, air bangs and more. If you need inspiration, Blackpink’s Lisa is the ultimate Korean bangs model. But if you need help figuring out the type of bangs you want and how to cut them, read through the following!

Korean Air Bangs

Korean Air Bangs
Korean Air Bangs (Photo from Pinterest)

Also known as ‘see-through fringe,’ air bangs are a thin layer of fringe that ends between your eyebrows and top lashes. Popular celebrities like IU and Kim So Hyun are big fans of the air bangs since, unlike tidy and thick bangs, this hairstyle lets your forehead peek through. Plus, these Korean wispy bangs add a natural and subtle contour, giving you a more youthful and slimmer appearance.

However, maintaining air bangs can be challenging, especially if you’re always outdoors. They can be easily blown out of shape. Also, if you have oily skin, you might notice your bangs losing their volume quickly. Fortunately, you can still sweep them to the side to create a side fringe. If you want to go fringeless, hide it under the rest of your hair.

How to Cut Korean Air Bangs

  1. Determine where you want your fringe to start and start combing the hair forward to part them.
  2. Collect the locks of hair that fall between your eyebrows. These will be your bangs.
  3. Cut your bangs according to the length you want. Next, hold your scissors vertically to create vertical cuts.
  4. Section out and gather the remaining pieces of hair to create the side bangs. Imagine a diagonal line connecting your jawbone and nose bridge.
  5. Cut along the line to create the side bangs, which can create a slimmer look for your face. Once you’re done, part the bangs to both sides of your face and leave a thin layer of fringe.
  6. Curl your bangs (with rollers or a heated hair roller) to add volume to your bangs.

Curly Korean Bangs

Korean Curly Bangs
Korean Curly Bangs (Photo from Pinterest)

If you’re not a big fan of flat and straight bangs, why not curl them up? Give your bangs a perm so you can enjoy curly bangs. These aesthetic Korean bangs draw attention away from a huge pimple on the nose or a wide forehead. Curly Korean bangs also give your face more dimensions, which gives you a sweet and youthful charm.

If you want to look like a doll, Gong Soo Ah’s trademark curly bangs can serve as your inspiration. But if you want a more feminine look, create a long and curly look like Song Hye Kyo.

How to Cut Korean Curly Bangs

  1. Part your fringe to your preference while you preheat your curling iron.
  2. Gather a small section of fringe then curl it inwards to create bouncy curls.
  3. While your hair is still hot, shape it into any style you wish. If you want to create more long-lasting curls, scrunch it. If you want to create loose waves, stretch them.
  4. Repeat steps two and three on the rest of your fringe.
  5. Complete your look by curling the hair on the side of your face. These will frame your face.
  6. Arrange the curls and secure them with hair spray.

Korean Choppy Bangs

Korean choppy bangs (Photo from Pinterest)

Do you miss the bangs your mom used to give you when you were a kid? Why not relive those moments with these aesthetic Korean bangs?

Choppy bangs are making a comeback and you can add an element of Korean bangs to them. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with rounder and smaller face shapes. It highlights the eyes and gives you a childlike appearance.

You’re free to experiment with choppy bangs. You can go with slanted choppy bangs for a funky and bold look. You can also cut them straight for a chic and high-fashion vibe. If you want a more sophisticated or refined image, you can’t go wrong with thin Korean bangs.

How to Cut Korean Curly Bangs

  1. Decide where you want your fringe to begin and start combing your hair forward to create a part.
  2. Position your scissors vertically and start cutting your fringe vertically.
  3. Trim the fringe until you’re sure that the length is consistent.

Korean Curtain Bangs

Korean Curtain Bangs
Korean Curtain Bangs (Photo from Pinterest)

If you’re a beginner with bangs, curtain bangs are a great place to start. These bangs are a good entry to this hairstyle. All you need is a center parting and hair that falls around the side of your face. Shaped like the number eight, these bangs frame your face and still give you a slimmer look.

How to Cut Korean Curtain Bangs

  1. Gather the amount of hair you want to be part of the fringe. Create a parting by combing it forward.
  2. Use two fingers to grab one side of the fringe. Pull this portion towards the opposite side.
  3. Cut this portion of the hair with thinning scissors. Make sure to cut at a 45-degree angle so that the strands on your forehead are the shortest.
  4. Comb your hair again and do some trimming if needed.
  5. For this type of Korean bangs, always curl the shorter part to add more volume.


Change up your look or refresh your style by cutting your bangs the Korean way. Share with us your favorite look!

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