Rock Matching Couple Outfits Without The Cringe Factor

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When it comes to matching couple outfits, you can either be cute or cringe-y.

We don’t fault couples for wanting to match with their significant others. What better way to show your affection for each other and/or your winning dress sense than with matching clothes? Matching shirts for couples can be a cute way to represent love, but if you’re always wearing the same printed t-shirts that say “His” and “Hers” (or any corny sayings), it can be cringe-y. But if you do it right, you could be the talk of the town just like Britney and Justin (remember their iconic denim moment?).

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to match your look with your partner without looking too basic or corny. We’ve gathered cool and creative ways you can rock couple outfits and make other couples jealous of your look.

How Do Couples Match Their Outfits? Styling Tips for You and Your Boo

So, how can you and your partner rock matching couple outfits? Consider the following tips.

Go For Different Tones of the Same Color

Most couples like to wear clothes of the same color. This is the easiest way to match each other, but it can be tricky. If you end up wearing the exact same shade, you might look as if you’re a performer. To creatively match colors with your boo, style your clothes in different shades of one color.

Keep it low-key with a shade or two if you want to keep things subtle. Otherwise, experiment with different shades of the same color scheme. This way, you can pull off matching outfits without looking like twins. Play it safe by sticking to neutral colors, such as black, white, beige or earthy tones. With these shades, any outfit on you and your partner will look more polished and luxurious.

Suit Up!

Take a page from How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson and suit up together! Nothing says ‘power couple’ more than a couple that rocks a cool suit-and-tie combination.

A full blazer set can help you achieve the look without exerting too much effort. All you have to do is pick a suit and tie that goes well with the both of you. If you think the suit might make you look “too manly,” choose pants and a blazer jacket that fit your body well. These will highlight your feminine side and bring out your partner’s masculinity (and vice versa). If you want a more laid-back look, go for an oversized suit.

Go for Outfits with Matching Patterns

Identical prints will secure your win in the “Couple Matching Outfits” category. This doesn’t mean being decked in wild prints from head to toe (It’ll blind the people who see you).

Instead, it requires choosing a similar print and then experimenting with different colors or sizes of that particular design. For example, if you’re going to wear a jacket and skirt combo with large spots, then he can wear a blazer with smaller spots. If you’re both wearing checkered shirts, go for opposite colors.

Pick a Dress Code or a Theme

If you want to be more creative, pick a dress code (casual or formal) or a theme (sweater weather or preppy outfits) and use this as a guide to plan your matching couple’s clothes. Make sure that your clothes suit the event or place you’re in. Otherwise, you’ll look out of place. If you wanna dress like the characters of Euphoria, make sure the situation calls for it.

So, before you go out with your partner, confirm the location and dress code to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Match Accessories to Your Partner’s Clothes

If you’re a couple struggling with matching outfits, don’t worry. If you’re not too keen on matching but still want to be coordinated as a couple, match your accessories instead. For example, if you are wearing an evening dress, have the color of your partner’s tie or pocket square match the color of your dress. Make sure that your partner’s suit is neutral so the colors stand out.

If you’re going out on a casual date, wear matching sneakers, beanies or baseball caps for a cute streetwear look. You can also match your bag with your significant other’s watch or belt.

Matching Couple Outfit Tips According to the Style of Clothes

Your theme today could help you match your outfits better (Photo by Pinterest)

Formal Matching Outfits

Balance your formal attire by taking a single color from your outfit (or his) and incorporating it into your clothes. Match your shoes to your partner’s suit or have his inner shirt match the color of your dress. The tiniest detail can make a big difference.

Remember: your dress should always reflect your partner’s style.

Casual Matching Outfits

As much as you want to highlight the details that set you apart, it’s important to focus on what looks good to you. White bold shades look well with pastel shades while dark colors pair well with light clothes.

Sporty Matching Outfits

Chic sports uniforms seem like the only way to match with your partner during sporting events. But you can still pull off matching styles by working out in the same workout brand pieces or matching sneakers.

Summer Matching Outfits

Wear color-coordinated ensembles with your partner to welcome the summer season. There are many ways to do so: mix and match the shades of your clothes or wear swimsuits with the same designs. Dress up in a vivid mint and citrus combination. Finish your look with gorgeous flats.

Why Do Some Couples Dress the Same?

Denim on denim on couples (Photo from Pinterest(

Relationship expert Dr. Nikki Goldstein explains couples practice harmonious dressing unconsciously and this occurs in the couple’s sixth month. According to Dr. Goldstein, people have the tendency to want to fit in with the person they are dating. While everyone has their unique sense of style, there is also the want to look united with their significant other.

Goldstein considers it a form of relationship conformity. People conform to the environment they’re in, so it’s natural that when you’re with someone, you unconsciously start changing your style so you’ll match with them.

As a result, couples often want to match, especially for the following reasons:

  1. Display of love. Couples wear matching outfits to display their affection for each other in public.
  2. Relationship announcement. One of the easiest ways to announce your relationship is by wearing matching couples’ t-shirts. No need to explain yourselves; all you have to do is wear the same shirt.
  3. Inside jokes. Couples have inside jokes that they sort of want to share with others. As a result, they wear shirts with funny phrases only they can understand.
  4. Travel bonding. Whether you’re planning on flying to another country or cruising together, wearing the same shirt offers the best IG photo for your travels.
  5. Holidays. One of the best times to wear matching outfits is during the holidays. You get to match your couple’s outfit according to the season.

Should Couples Match Clothes?

There’s no fashion commandment that declares all couples should match their outfits. However, dressing up similarly can add more fun to the relationship. It also encourages couples to think collectively and creatively as they brainstorm outfits that will match.

But perhaps one of the deeper reasons for matching outfits is how it helps others perceive you as one cohesive unit. Dressing up similarly demonstrates that you are tuned in to each others. It sounds corny, but it reiterates your emotional unity.


Matching couple outfits aren’t just for couples in their honeymoon phase. It is for all couples in different stages. So, if you want to express your affection or show off your unit, go and match your clothes!

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