How to Make Old-School Wedding Ideas Look Modern

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Many couples plan a wedding with a theme in mind. This is often a good thing because it helps guide the decisions they make and create a more cohesive decor.

Different people have their own styles and preferences. Some may choose a theme that’s trendy that’s more memorable and “Instagrammable.” Others, however, may want a more traditional wedding that won’t be too frilly and, most importantly, will not look dated years in the future.


But a traditional wedding doesn’t have to be boring. While timeless is good, some couples want to inject modernity into the event. Here are some ways to update traditional wedding ideas and make them more current and stylish:

Add Metallic Accents

Metallics add shine, sparkle, and get that “wow” factor that everyone wants for their wedding. Make sure the metals match the overall aesthetic of your event.

For example, if you’re going for a more rustic look with autumnal colors, use brass or copper instead of silver. If you plan on having a laid-back beach day wedding, golds and bronzes will work perfectly.

The contrast between a rustic barn as a venue with silver accents will look great.

Play with Natural Materials

Natural materials like wood, stone, and branches are always trending for weddings. These items bring the outdoors in and will never go out of style.

Natural materials are always present in traditional decor because they exude an old-world charm. A modern take will be to go with materials that are more sleek, polished, and sophisticated.

Make sure to keep decorations light though; otherwise it’ll feel too stuffy or “grandma-like.” For instance, satin table linens may be swapped for linen ones with lace overlay. Or replace heavy, ornate centerpieces with elegant vases filled with flowers and shells.

Skip the Uniformed Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids in matching dresses will always be fashionable, but they can now wear something more current. Instead of wearing solid colors all the same with a long dress, try mixing it up with different styles, textures, and even prints to show how unique each bridesmaid is.

It’s more refreshing to see bridesmaids wearing unique clothes, especially as they walk down the aisle. The guests sitting in the pews would have something to look forward to with each person in the wedding procession.

However, it would be nice to have one common element between bridesmaids dresses to still create cohesion. Perhaps, if everyone wore a similar color or have the same accessory to make them standout from the crowd and let everyone know that they’re bridesmaids.

Be Minimalistic

Minimalism is a modern style. It makes the details stand out and simplifies everything to create a chic look.

Minimalism will also make your wedding more memorable. Guests would see pictures of the event and realize how classy it was, because there’s nothing else that takes focus away from the decor, food, or even entertainment.

Use fewer little things or decorations around your venue. Since these items are accentuations to what you already have in mind for your theme, it can be overwhelming if there’s too many things going on at once. Keep it simple by sticking with one or two special touches to tie things together.

Don’t overload on centerpieces either; having just one or two can your table feel dignified but not empty.

Find ways to tie in your theme and color palette with decorations, without making everything too intricate. For example, if you’re having a rustic wedding, use flowers that can be found outside like wildflowers and daisies instead of roses and orchids. Bright colors like fuchsia and yellow will pop against the backdrop of nature as well.

Add Elements That Reflect Personality

Your wedding should feel “you.” Those who know you should be able to tell that it is your day. This could be challenging for those who want a traditional-looking wedding.

But it’s possible. You can add things that you and your partner love such as your favorite dishes in the menu or photos of the two of you as children displayed all over the venue.

It’s more meaningful to have a wedding that shows how you two share a bond. If you both love the outdoors, using an outdoor ceremony setting with greenery is a classic way to go. Having a band play songs from each other’s early days will most likely get everyone dancing and singing along too.

It is important though, to be clear on who will be catering and other suppliers or providing whatever service is needed for your wedding, so they understand what it means when you say “modern” or “traditional.” This way there won’t be any confusion when they receive their instructions from you and they try to follow them exactly.

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