Various Trends People Need to Let Go This Year

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2021 has brought up some of the most amazing moments. We’ve been introduced to Olivia Rodrigo, Britney’s been freed, Adele finally ended her music drought and more. It was also the year when social media platform TikTok took over the top spot for the most visited website. Yes, they beat Google. But it’s nothing to be surprised about. People finally have a platform to express their creativity. An avenue like TikTok is something that we mostly lack in the previous years.

One thing TikTok would be most known for is trends. The platform has brought us a lot of trends that people on the internet couldn’t get enough of. Internet trends have been with us for quite a while. They could be a good way of bringing people with similar interests together. However, it isn’t always the case, and we need to let some of these trends go this new year.

We’ve listed some of those that internet people should get rid of this 2022. Here are a few of them.

Fast fashion hauls

Many people on TikTok like to show their followers what they wear for a day. Fashion trends on social media apps are great inspirations for people who don’t know how to dress up for specific occasions. But sometimes, fashion trends online could get out of hand. There was this time when people, post videos of their “hauls.”

Let’s explain to you what this is. “Hauls” are videos of people showing what they have bought. They post it to show how much they saved from purchasing a lot or something like that. But it went overboard when some people, notably women, posted enormous purchases from a specific fast fashion brand. They then tried these clothes on, and that’s about it. These people may not be aware of the negative impacts of fast fashion on our environment. They can be saving a lot for buying these clothes. But the environmental impact could cost a lot, not just to them but to humanity.

Diet trends

People who want to make themselves feel good by dieting are commendable. They know what they want and how they want to look like. However, diet can’t be the same for everyone. What may work for your favorite influencer may not work for you. This is what makes diet trends dangerous. We should let go of them this 2022.

If you’re into dieting, you can speak with a licensed nutritionist or dietitian. These people can figure out what’s the best diet options for you. Perhaps, this is the year to not be too strict on dieting. You can buy your favorite original brownie mix and bake some goodies. Go ahead and cook your own food. Maybe, this would make you feel happier. Always keep in mind that everything should be done in moderation, and you’re good to go.

“Normalize” this and that

Were you bombarded last year with posts about normalizing traits and behaviors? They were abundant the previous year and maybe, this is the time to let go of them. It’s totally fine if people want to correct mistakes. But sometimes, these “normalize” statements can get overrated. There are times people were making something irrational be normalized. Let people live their lives but call them out if you or a group of people were offended. You have to make sure that you’re calling them out for logical reasons. Normalizing certain behaviors isn’t always going to work. That’s because some of these behaviors don’t apply to everyone.

Cancel culture

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Another thing that has been lingering on to internet people is “cancel culture.” There’s a reason people just couldn’t let go of this. It’s the joy of seeing other people getting dragged. Calling out bad behavior can always be done in private. Posting it on social media defeats the purpose of correcting wrong behaviors.

It’s like encouraging other people to go on a witch hunt and condemn the person who did you wrong. Cancel culture also voids people’s second chances. If this culture never existed, it’d be easy for people to change their behaviors if they made a mistake. That’s because they know people can forgive them after changing.

Stan accounts

Twitter has lots of these stan accounts. These users have their favorite pop stars as their profile pictures. They act as blind defenders of their favorite celebrities, and it’s become toxic. These Twitter users would fight other stan accounts, and it’s chaotic. What’s worse is it can even lead to doxing. It’s high time for social media accounts to take action. And in the meantime, these people should grow up and stop creating stan accounts. It’s never going to do them any good.

The new year should be met with new ways to live more peacefully. Leave all the toxicity behind, and it can make your life better.

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