Moving Into a New Home: Teen Bedroom Ideas for a Fresh Start

Student bedroom with hardwood floor and bunk beds - artwork is from photographer portfolio
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It is always hard for people when they are moving away to a different place. The whole ‘starting over again’ has both its pros and cons. It is also both a blessing and a curse to the people who are moving away. The adjustment period to everything makes it difficult.

The people most affected with this whole new concept, are the young ones – especially teenagers. After all, they have all grown to love the place in which they spent the majority of their lives in, and for that to be taken away, and have to start all over again could be heartbreaking for them.

But of course, as mentioned before, moving to a different place is not that bad. It has its pros! You get to start a fresh, new beginning. New environment, new friends, new school, new house and more importantly, new rooms!

With a new house and a new room, you get to have the freedom of redesigning a brand new look for your room. Here are a few ideas you could use to overcome the fear of being new with a happy teen bedroom make-over.

Create Your Own Vision: Make Your Own Floor Plan and Bedroom Look

Before you start redesigning your new room, you need to have your vision of what you want to achieve. Distract your thoughts from going back to the place where you used to live by creating your floor plan to design your new room.

Start with the basics like buying a mattress; if you want to embrace the new beginnings, you could shop in a mattress store here in American Fork for a new, and much more comfortable good night’s sleep on your new environment. From there, you could eventually plan out with the pillows, band posters, fairy lights, and all the aesthetics depending on your choice!

Consider Your Bedroom’s Lighting and Color

Once you have successfully envisioned the look for your bedroom, it is now time to bring them to life. Start with considering the lighting and space of your bedroom. Check how many windows there are in your room and capitalize on it, since that will be your first source of light.

You could also place your mattress near a window so that you will experience the sun rays directly on your body, which is not only good for your body, but it uplifts your mood as well. From proper placements of things, you may also try deciding on color palettes to embody the aesthetic look of your bedroom fully.

Be creative with mixing colors with your pillows, headboard, mats, posters, and many more, but make sure they all blend well and do not contradict each other!

Decide on the Furniture You Want to Keep

Teen's bed room design

When you are finished with the basics, it is now time for you to choose the proper furniture that you want to display in your room. It all depends on your taste. If you are going after a particular theme, then you could choose within that number of items only.

Also, through this method, when you start to unpack your boxes, you get to decide on which furniture to keep, and those that are no longer useful so that they may be sold.

Here are a few basic steps to follow if you wish to give your new bedroom a make-over! A make-over from your past and into your present!

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