Reunited at Last: Preparing for a Family Reunion

family reunion
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Being a member of a family can be a complicated experience. This is because our families consist of people that have unique personalities. We may get along with our family members most of the time, but there are also times when we clash. While every family may not be the same, it is hard to deny that we need them in our lives.

Our families are a testament to our need for other people. They are our first exposure to society. We develop social skills with their help. Our families also provide us with our basic human needs. We simply cannot survive without their presence and guidance. They are our default primary caregivers.

Whatever the dynamic within the family members may be, it is always important to spend time with them. This applies to the extended family too. Spending time with them can improve the relationships we have with them. This can be harder to achieve as one grows older, and most people in the family have established their lives outside their childhood homes. One of the few ways to spend time with family members is through family reunions. These are essentially gatherings where all members of one side of a family, nuclear and extended, are invited.

Before we discuss the factors that involve the preparation for a family reunion, let us first explore why we need to spend time with our families.

Quality Time for Quality People

Every single one of us can benefit from spending time with our family members. Spending time with them essentially allows us to get to know them better, not just as a family member but as another human person. By spending time with them, we can communicate with them better. We get to know their interests and thoughts as a person. This helps create a strong bond that can benefit our emotional well-being.

Good ties with the family can also help when conflicts arise. This can help avoid unnecessary stress and negative emotions. Also, note that being in a bad relationship can cause mental and physical strain. When we spend quality time with our family, we are essentially creating a positive relationship with them. This helps avoid the mental and physical problems that may occur when being in bad relationships. Now that we have uncovered why we should take time to spend time with our family, let’s take a look at how a family reunion might look like.

The Reunion

Organizing a family reunion can be tough. It may even take months to prepare. Let’s break down several tips on making it easier for those who want to experience this gathering.

Pick a Holiday

Family reunions do not need to be on holidays. But during holidays, people typically take the time to get off work and spend their holidays somewhere. Choosing a holiday can help ensure that every family member invited to the reunion is available to attend. After picking a holiday, it is then time to find a venue.

family reunion

The Venue

It would be ideal to hold a reunion in a family member’s home. This can make the gathering more intimate and personal. Holding it in a family member’s house can also help accommodate those who are outside the town. If this is not an option, many property rentals accommodate many people at a given time. Staying at one place can maximize the limited time a family has with one another.

It would also be helpful to choose a property with additional amenities for leisure to give family members fun activities while spending time with one another. A good outdoor space would be ideal for family reunions. Adequate space can make sure everyone is comfortable.

The Food

No gathering is complete without good food. Of course, families can choose to cook food themselves. This can be part of their bonding activities. But others also have the choice to have food made. The food served may also depend if the family chose to spend their family reunion on a holiday. Whatever the case may be, food will always be good when shared with loved ones.

Relaying the Message

After finalizing everything, it is then time to let the family members know about this gathering. It is important to relay this message several months before it takes place. This gives family members ample time to clear their schedules and plan for the trip.

Special Needs

Some family members may have special needs. This includes family members with disabilities and senior loved ones. Make sure to prepare for these needs ahead of time. Senior loved ones can also ask for assistance from home health services that can attend to their needs while this gathering takes place.

Family reunions demand a lot of preparation. But all the preparation is surely worth it if it means spending quality time with people you love the most.

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