Glamour for Social Media: Your Home Style amid a Pandemic

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Start setting the standard for Instagram-worthy homes. Since the popularity of social media sites like Instagram, people have been preoccupied with glamorizing their personal lives. Instagram-worthy homes have become prevalent due to their photogenic quality, allowing the homeowner to gain more “likes” online. During the pandemic, many homeowners have given into various home design trends that enable them to show off their spruced-up interiors amid the quarantine period.

Gardening can turn any ordinary home into an Instagram-worthy house. Start taking care of a beautiful vegetable or flower garden today. Taking care of a garden can also help boost your overall health. Consider irrigation design and installation that will help you maintain your garden effectively.

When at home, you could design outdoor recreation areas where your family can safely spend time together. A safe dinner at your patio can be the right amount of fresh breeze that your family needs amid the health crisis.

Designing an “Instagrammable” House

These days, people want to entertain themselves with what they have at home. People have been preoccupied with various hobbies since the onset of the pandemic. From needlework to photography, plenty of pastimes were brought to light because of the quarantine period.

One of the “quarantine staples” when it comes to pandemic hobbies is engaging in social media. Even before the pandemic, many people have been engulfed in the world of Facebook, Instagram, and the like. Due to this massive influence of social media on our lives, there have been instances when our lives have become dictated by social media trends themselves. This is a reality that we are currently facing, especially due to the prolonged isolation period.

With many people staying home, a number of these homeowners have been finding ways to redecorate their spaces to make them more “Instagram-worthy” for their social media followers. Getting enough “likes” and “follows” on social media may have been filling the void that we all have been experiencing since the start of the quarantine period. There are various ways to design your home to make it worthy of your visually pleasing feed. Explore the wide range of design possibilities that could reflect your personal style.

Whatever style you choose to incorporate into your home, one of the best things to maximize is your source of natural lighting. Having a good source of natural light can help keep your home feeling light and airy, which can be helpful since you have spent plenty of time indoors.

Natural light can also aid in light therapy that can boost your mood during your pandemic blues. Sunlight is a good source of mood-boosting hormones. Apart from redesigning your home’s interiors, you can also focus on caring for your yard for sunlight and visually pleasing elements such as those in a garden.

Gardening for Beginners

There are many health benefits to starting a gardening hobby today. Apart from its positive effects on your physical body, it can also have a significant impact on your mind and overall mood. The physical activities involved in gardening allow good blood flow throughout the body. Exposure to sunlight strengthens the body and boosts the mood. Gardening has many health benefits that people should take advantage of, especially when most people spend time indoors.

Beginning a gardening project can be intimidating for beginners. For starters, you have to choose a good location for your new garden. Determine whether you are to start a flower garden or a vegetable garden. A watering system has to be adequately maintained to ensure adequate water supply into your plants. You can also consider constructing a greenhouse to enable you to take care of your plants all year round.

Good Home Landscaping

If you want an Instagram-worthy home, there is plenty of maintenance involved. Apart from ensuring you have good interior design and gardening, you should also ensure that your outdoor landscape suits your home’s style and look. Even for tiny homes, there are many landscaping ideas that you could explore to make your space more worthy of a social media post.

Landscaping at home often requires maintenance and care. Nevertheless, no matter how small your space might be, there is always a way to design your landscape to make it look stylish according to your preferences.

It can be challenging to maintain an Instagram-worthy home. Depending on your taste and preferences, there might be plenty of factors to consider when cleaning up and decorating your property’s interior and outdoor landscape. Nevertheless, there is no shame in wanting to spruce up your home, especially during times of distress.

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