Starting your Own Shearing Business

a herd of sheep
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Sheep shearing has been an ongoing and profitable business for centuries. The skill is passed on by the elderly to the next generation. With shearing equipment and a proper setting, it can be done effortlessly. Farmers remove the sheep’s fleece to sell them to manufacturing mills for hand spinning and knitting. Other farmers can also use the meat of the sheep for food. Although you may think that shearing wool is unhealthy for this animal, it is the opposite. Wool preserves the moisture in it, so whenever farmers have a hot temperature for the day, the fleece keeps sheep cool.

Shearing is also important to keep the animals healthy. Their wool collects dirt and insects so regular shaving must be done to continue their good well-being. If you want to start this business, here are some tips on how you can manage your shearing industry:

1. Preparation

You must have a proper location where you can herd sheep. It is vital to have a big open area where they can move around. A shearing shed is also important to have a place where the sheep can be comfortable while shaving their wool. The ventilation must also provide natural light and air to avoid diseases.

2. Planning

The wool of sheep is removed for the profit of the farmer. It is also for the benefit of these animals to prepare them for the warm season. Shearing is done at most once a year. Because of the wool’s weight, it is advisable to shave them so that these animals will not have a hard time moving. It will also be a problem for the start of the summer season. Clear the wool out as early as three weeks before you have a change in the climate. This is also the best time for shearing as it is the start of the lambing season. It prepares the sheep to give birth and gives them less strain from their wool.

3. Actual Shearing

a sheep

If you are still not that knowledgeable and experienced in doing this task, it is better to call in for help. A sheep shearer has to be scheduled early on since there are a lot of businesses who need their expertise. You can learn from them and how they shave the wool of the sheep perfectly without ruining the whole wool. It is vital to keep the wool in good condition for it to be sold at a good price. An expert shearer can also avoid scratches and bruises on your sheep. With the proper equipment and materials, quality shearing can be done.

4. Learning How to Shear

If you are an individual who wants to really understand this process, you may take classes and training on how to shear sheep. You may learn by watching and asking questions from an expert. One-On-One teaching must be done to help you comprehend and practice the art of shearing.

Starting a business requires that you also know and understand the steps to take. Be accountable for your own endeavour and take the step in learning this skill.

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