What Makes Dogs Our Best Friends?

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Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been reliant on domesticated animals to help them in various aspects of everyday life. Since then, many have come to occupy a space in the hearts and homes of people, which has led them to take these animals in as pets.

One of the most popular choices today is the puppy. Beloved among all ages for their cute features, puppies are in such demand that schools in Utah and throughout the country train them to be the perfect pet. These puppies then regularly bring smiles and joy into the lives of their owners.
Long known as “man’s best friend,” puppies and dogs give their owners many benefits. Here are some of them:

Dogs genuinely make us happy.

Studies have shown that even simple eye contact with a dog can stimulate the release of a chemical called oxytocin, which is associated with happiness and positive feelings. Furthermore, dog owners regularly report that their dogs give them a sense of fulfillment and joy. Other studies have also found that people who are regularly in contact with dogs tend to laugh more. Thus, dogs truly do have the ability to make us happier people. Dogs are helpful to anyone who wants more joy in their lives.

Dogs can keep you healthy.

Studies have shown that children who grow up in regular contact with dogs are less prone to developing asthma and allergies as they grow up. This is because they are regularly exposed to these potential allergens from a very young age, thus allowing the body to recognize such substances as normal.
At the same time, owning a dog encourages physical activity. Part of the fun that comes with owning a dog is playing with it and taking it out for walks. Hence, dog owners will be encouraged to exercise outdoors regularly.

Dogs can encourage socialization.

With how popular dogs are, entire conversations can be built around them alone. This illustrates the ability of dogs to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together.
Furthermore, owning a dog can open many avenues for socialization. You can run into other dog owners as you are out walking your dog. You can also opt to join dog-centered activities. The possibilities are endless, and few people can resist the opportunity to approach a cute dog.

Dogs can be lifesavers.

Although it sounds straight out of a fiction movie, there have been real-life instances of dogs saving the lives of their owners. The most prominent of these are the dogs trained to serve as early warning systems for owners who regularly suffer from seizures. The dogs will bark once they sense a seizure, telling the patient to sit down before an accident happens.
Dogs also act as animal assistants for the visually impaired, helping them to get around and accomplish their daily tasks. On a more emotional level, dogs have been used in animal-assisted therapy to help treat patients with mental health disorders.
Though there is definitely work involved in taking care of them, dogs can brighten your life. Hence, it is no surprise that people still continue to ask for them as gifts. One thing is for sure: Even when people let you down, puppies can always bring you back up.

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