The Essential Wedding Venue Guide for Your Big Day

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Planning a wedding is no mean fit for a couple. It is overwhelming both emotionally, physically, and financially, but that has never stopped any couple from going through with their very special occasion.

Looking for a venue is the most challenging; ask any Colorado wedding planner. If you find a possible venue, more often it is booked months in advance, or it is way out of your budget. The average cost of a venue in Colorado goes for an average of $13,321 while the average budget for a wedding is $27,646. So the venue costs half of the entire budget. Anyway, a wedding venue is a must so let’s look at some of the critical things to consider when choosing the best.


This is very important. You do not want to end up with a space that is too huge and costly or a place so small that your guests feel almost suffocated. Most of the venue providers will always advise you though according to the number of your guests. So when starting the search, have a definite number of guests in mind.


Look into other facilities offered that would complement the venue’s grounds. Are there washrooms and if so are they clean? Are there any sound and video equipment like PA systems, tables, and chairs? If none of this is available, then consider making arrangements. Is there enough space for the catering, performing areas, dance floor and dining tables? Always look into the amenities of a venue especially if you have different requirements for your special day.

Parking space

It may not seem as much of a factor, but your guests will appreciate having enough parking space. Keep in mind the number of expected attendees so you can communicate your needs to the venue officials. Also, ensure that the parking area is safe and is well guarded.


Your guests need to feel secure. And so it’s your responsibility to provide a place that is safe and comfortable, where their cars and valuable items are also safe. Same applies to your planners, suppliers, and those working behind the scenes to provide you with a beautiful and memorable occasion.


Some venues implement strict rules and regulations with the use of their facility. A wedding is a private ceremony, and so you want to celebrate without restrictions or at least minimal. Be sure to ask the owner or manager of the venue of any restrictions and negotiate for flexibility. After all, it’s a moment to enjoy your union, along with the people dear to your heart.

Distance between venues

Bride with the wedding planner
This is if you have different sites for different parts of the wedding. Let the venues be close to each other to save people from the hustle of moving from one place to another. If you’re having a traditional church wedding or a farm-themed one, make sure the location of your reception, dinner, or after-party is easily accessible from the venue of your ceremony. Be considerate for guests who do not have a means of transport.


Naturally, you must consider your budget when finding the ideal wedding venue. It is easy to find an events venue near you but ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on it. Always look into your budget and explore your options to find the best place to say “I do.”
The venue search is one of the most challenging tasks, but once you cross it off your list, you can get to the more enjoyable part of planning for your wedding.

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