Anklet Designs for the Trendy Woman

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The feet are usually the most neglected part when dressing up. You might take time to pick the best earrings, necklace, bracelet, and rings but without adorning your feet, your entire outfit will look incomplete.

One of the best options for adorning your feet is an anklet. Anklets come in various types and materials. Beaded, leather, shell, charm, and metal ones are the most common ones nowadays. Gold anklets stand out from other metal anklets since they form a perfect contrast with most skin tones and the ground and will, thus, stand out.

Women’s gold anklets come in varied designs to suit various occasions and styles. Though some designs were considered a symbol of marriage in some Asian communities in the past, anyone can nowadays wear them. Rather than have your anklets in one design, opt for different designs to spruce your look for various events and guarantee you do not miss one which matches your style. The following are the anklet designs that should be part of every lady’s wardrobe.

Floral Anklets

These feature floral patterns in different colors strung on a gold chain. Most people opt for semi-diamond flowers in two colors with an inlaid gold anklet because they stand out and allow you to include diamonds in your ensemble. You can opt for different colors to match different outfits. Floral anklets will suffice for weddings and parties and can be worn with short floral dresses to exude a girly look.

Anklets with Names

These have remained immensely popular since their introduction into the jewelry spheres some time back. They are generally used as a declaration of love where you and your friends or partner can get anklets with each other’s names. This does not, however, mean that it is limited to partners and friends. You can also get the anklet in any name you hold dear. Gold anklets with names are the perfect accessory for short skirts and ankle length jeans.

Single Chain Anklets with Pendants

For those looking for a sign of commitment but feel the name anklet is too much for them, a single chain anklet with pendants is an ideal option. The pendants can represent each of your friends’ birthstones or favorite item. These anklets are also a favorite among people who want to commemorate different things in their lives. Single chain anklets with pendants come in varied shapes and can be worn with both casual and formal outfits.

Broad Designer Anklet

A collection of vintage jewelry in antique wooden jewelry boxThis features a broad anklet with various stones. Rubies, sapphires, colored diamonds, and emeralds make a perfect match with the gold used in these anklets. A broad designer anklet is generally worn for weddings where you want people to notice it. The anklet can also be worn to high-end parties and other social occasions where you want to stand out.

There is virtually no outfit which a gold anklet will not match. You spend a lot of cash in pedicures and other foot treatments for you not to showcase your feet. The above anklet designs are bound to get people to notice your beautiful feet. Moreover, they are the perfect finishing touch to the look you labor so hard to achieve.

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