The Parenting Checklist: What to Do Before Your Newborn Comes

newborn child
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Parenthood is as thrilling as it is nerve-wracking the first time around, and maybe even the second try. After reading all the parenting articles during the pregnancy, new parents may have an inkling of what to expect. However, nothing trumps proper experience, given that no baby is the same.

With or without experience, it never hurts to be prepared for the arrival of one’s newborn. It is especially important in the last few days leading up to the birth, which is the most critical stage. To ease the transitions you’ll go through, like spouses to parents and hospitalization to home care, consider doing the following things before the birthing.


Parents spend most of the early stages of the pregnancy to prepare the nursery, but there’s no such thing as being overprepared. It’s good to look over the essentials. Doing this ensures that nothing is missed in the flurry of excitement, whether the nursery has been completed.

For the room itself, some essentials that every parent needs to have are breast pump and milk storage, a firm cot, spares of blankets and crib sheets made from bamboo or cotton, sleepsack, changing pad, and a co-sleeper to bring into the parents’ room. Other items to note are burp cloths, diapers (lots of them), wipes, rash cream, washcloths, a baby bathtub, and a support net for hygienic purposes.

After looking over the nursery, parents should also take the time to gather everything needed for the hospital bag — both for the mommy and baby.

A baby’s or babies’ hospital bag should include their first wardrobe, consisting of a onesie, booties, and a hat. If it’s cold outside, more layers can be added to ensure that they’re warm even when leaving the hospital. Diapers and a blanket are must-haves, too. Aside from the clothing items, parents should also remember to bring an approved car seat to the hospital.

Readying the bag before going to the hospital eliminates the rushing to get everything done if the baby unexpectedly arrives early.

Living Areas and Kitchen


Coming from the hospital, newborn babies will likely stay in their nursery or their mom’s arms in the master bedroom. But it can’t be helped if there are days where parents have to take their babies to other parts of the house, too, especially if some visitors come around to meet them.

This detail brings up the need to be meticulous in cleaning every room, with no dust or dirt left in the wake of the deep cleaning. Floors should be washed and cleared of any clutter to prevent falling. If one has carpets in any rooms, it’s good to have the carpets steam cleaned before the due date.

The kitchen, which is likely the room to host the most germs, should be cleaned and wiped down regularly, especially if the mommy chooses to store the milk in the fridge.

During the cleaning process, any poisoning hazards like detergent pods and essential oils should be locked and kept away from the baby’s belongings to reduce the risk of contamination. The same can be said for any dangerous items, such as knives and firearms.

In the end, preparing the home is one of the most important steps in the new parent checklist. Coming home to a spic-and-span home can help ease the worries of taking on responsibilities from one’s new role as a parent.

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