This Pandemic, Cats and Dogs Find Their Forever Homes

golden retriever in shoulder
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Want to hear some good news in these trying times? Cats and dogs find their forever homes.

Animal shelters are emptied out

Adoptions at animal shelters have increased substantially during the coronavirus outbreak. The Pet Rescue Humane Society of Eastern Oregon recorded adoptions of 72 dogs and 17 cats in five weeks.

In Wright-Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois, every animal is getting adopted by the first weekend they are available. Between March and April, Wright-Way received over 6,000 adoption applications. That’s more than double what the organization gets typically in a month.

The same story can be found across the country. When states declared stay-at-home orders, shelter workers were forced to stay home, so the animal shelters reached out to their respective communities. They asked for volunteers to foster pets, but many people decided to adopt cats and dogs instead.

But this transaction works both ways: the animals give back just as much. In their naturally adorable ways, they help humans get through the struggles of getting stuck at home during the pandemic.

Pets can make lives a bit brighter this pandemic

Companionship and unconditional love are among the most valuable benefits of caring for pets at this time. Pets force people into a routine. You don’t get to only lay in bed until noon. You need to feed the cat or walk the dog. This routine is a big help, especially for those not accustomed to being stuck at home.

If you’re living alone, the companionship of a cute furry friend can help you overcome loneliness. Their meows or barks can make your home livelier during your lowest moments this pandemic.

Got kids at home? A new dog or cat can make their lives fun and exciting. They may no longer feel sad that they can’t see their friends at school. A pet can also teach them the value of being responsible.

There is also a no better time to adopt a dog because you’re at home and you can train it. You no longer have to think twice about whether to order those handmade modern rugs for sale online. Your dog won’t ruin them because you have all the time this pandemic to house-train and teach your dogs a few tricks.

Above all, playing with or hugging a dog or petting a cat is a good distraction from everything going on. Pet companionship can be a magic pill that can take all your anxieties and fears away.

Is there a risk when adopting a pet this pandemic?

adopting a pet

At this time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC says there is no evidence that pets can spread the COVID-19 virus or that they might be a source of infection. But as scientists continue to learn about the virus, shelter workers encourage pet owners to look for the latest updates from the CDC or American Veterinary Medical Association.

Now that the world is full of uncertainties, the increase in animal adoptions in recent months has been a huge development. It’s nice to know that people and pets help each other in these trying times.

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