Three Advantages of Video Marketing for Your Business

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Nowadays, consumers seem to prefer video content over anything else. Consumers continue to patronize video as a medium for their content, whether it be for entertainment, information, or when looking for products and services. Businesses across all industries can benefit from video marketing.

This strong consumer preference makes it essential for brands to integrate video content into all of their platforms. But before you reach out to a boutique video production company to create your corporate promotional videos, you should first understand all the benefits video marketing brings to your business.

Here are three advantages to video marketing that can help boost your business.

1. Videos help consumers understand your products.

Videos capture your audience’s attention easily. It is also the best way to brand your business. According to HubSpot’s Content Trends Survey in 2017, video is the preferred medium of content for brands. This preference allows your target audience to focus on your content, allowing them to absorb more information about your product.

Aside from that, videos are also consumed rather quickly. With diminishing attention spans, consumers nowadays prefer to have a brief but thorough look at a product or service before they decide on a purchase. Videos are able to provide this holistic view without taking up too much time.

2. Increases traffic to your website.

Currently, about 25 percent of search engine result pages (SERPs) have at least one video in them. Video content drives a 157 percent increase in organic traffic from SERPs. As video content are quick, engaging, and interesting, users are more likely to be curious about your brand. Embedded videos, on the other hand, can increase traffic to your website by at least 55 percent.

According to a report by Cisco, by 2021, 80 percent of all website traffic will consist of video. This doesn’t seem far off as videos today continue to flourish in both digital and social channels. Proven to be effective in driving traffic to websites, 92 percent of marketers now include video in their marketing strategies.


3. Increases sales and conversions.

According to an infographic by Social Media Today, 90 percent of consumers report that a video helps them with a purchase decision. While 81 percent of respondents claim that they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

As consumers nowadays want to make sure their purchases are worth the money they’re shelling out, they want an up-close and personal review of the product.

If consumers can observe a product up-close without even buying it yet, this can help them assess the value of the product and if it is worth buying. A well-produced video that adds value to the product and brand can help push consumers further down the funnel into making a purchase.

Video is one of the most versatile ways to promote your product and your brand. Consumers will continue to patronize this medium as it is fast, fun, and informative. Jump on this opportunity to get on with the times and attract potential customers to your website with video content today.

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