Wearing Jewelry and Wearing It Well: Wearing Jewelry for Different Occasions

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Over the centuries, people have been wearing jewelry mainly for two reasons: to enhance one’s appearance or to make a statement of social status. Although fashion trends change with the times, there are still a few basic guidelines to wearing jewelry that remain. Just as we carefully choose what’s proper and what’s not in terms of attire for different occasions, so should we choose the jewelry we wear accordingly.

Everyday Jewelry

Some pieces of jewelry are perfectly acceptable to wear all the time. A timepiece like a wristwatch is one such piece. For married people, the wedding band is a given. Something you can wear every day is A single-strand keepsake necklace.

Now, we go to work every day, yet many of us choose more than just everyday jewelry for the office. That’s fine, as long as you keep a few practical tips in mind. For work, go for pieces that aren’t distracting or loud. Expressing oneself is fine, just not to the point of offending others’ sensibilities. Extra-large rhinestones have no place in the office; reserve the flash for after-hours. Don’t wear noisy bracelets, either. A stack of bangles or bracelets that constantly clang against the desk or each other, especially when you’re typing away at the keyboard, can be bothersome to others. A good rule of thumb for the workplace is to keep it understated with a watch or a bracelet, a ring, earrings, and a simple necklace. Anything more might be too much for most work settings.

What Is Statement Jewelry?

Statement jewelry pieces are something both men and women wear to express themselves. Statement jewelry is characteristically bold and speaks to the wearer’s unique personality. Some believe that wearing bold jewelry dates back to prehistoric times when people used statement jewelry in rituals and ceremonies to signify their status. To this day, the jewelry that people wear are mostly statements about who they are, what they have, and what they value.

Just remember that a unique piece of statement jewelry can truly work for you if it complements your outfit. “Overcrowding” your outfit with distracting statement pieces will attract attention to you—but the wrong kind. Gold and/or gemstone jewelry work well with formal and subdued outfits. At the same time, floral pieces go well with romantic and feminine outfits.

Big accessories are best worn with simple clothes. If you wish to wear bold jewelry, steer clear of huge floral prints or stand-out embroidery. In other words, do not mute your statement with loud clothes. A little black dress is perfect for your big and bold statement necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

wearing a diamond necklace

How to Wear Jewelry Well

If the goal is to draw attention to your face and neckline, you can achieve this with layered necklaces or a single statement necklace. And if you do this, do skip the armful of bangles that will confuse the whole appearance.

If you’re wearing a bold pair of statement earrings, pick a subtle necklace to go with it. Better yet, it’s something maybe you can do without. However, a bold pair of earrings can work beautifully with a matching necklace—if you’re wearing a simple solid color dress, that is.

While we’re on the subject of earrings, remember that they are in the field of vision of anyone talking to you. Thus, it’s important to pick earrings that beautifully frame your face and complement your hair, eyes, and skin tone.

Just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to wear it. If you own enough jewelry that could fit into a catalog, then you probably have too much. Consider letting go of the more overstated pieces and perhaps use the proceeds to purchase more understated, charming, and timeless pieces. Vintage pieces you hardly wear should be the first to go—post photos of them on your social media page or local trade groups. For the antique pieces you own, enhance the photos with the help of a jewelry photo editing service to make them more attractive and sellable. Since people who buy jewelry can be meticulous, you’ll want to show your pieces’ best angles.

These days, it’s not always true that “less is more” when it comes to jewelry. You can wear plenty; you need to know when it’s appropriate to do so. Think of it this way: if you’ve decided on a specific piece of jewelry to wear, choose your clothing and other accessories to work with it. Or you can pick your outfit first and then match the jewelry and accessories to go with it. Remember that it’s all about keeping the right balance.

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