Remote Entrepreneurship: How to Make Virtual Offices Work for You

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With remote work becoming more popular each year, it’s not surprising that entrepreneurs are also on the same track. Working remotely is becoming the norm for business owners, especially those who run small businesses and startups.

Remote entrepreneurship is practical (without a permanent office, you can keep your overhead costs down), convenient (you can work whenever and wherever you like), freeing (the flexibility of your work gives you time to nurture personal relationships and other interests), and efficient (you don’t waste time and energy commuting to work). The lack of an office isn’t a problem either; if you need to meet with a client or conduct business in person, New York City has plenty of virtual offices that you could rent for one or more days.

Then there are the retractors of remote working and co-working spaces. They argue that relaxed environments could backfire on productivity and that open-floor plans (a typical set-up in co-working spaces) reduce rather than promote face-to-face interactions.

There are ways to get around these disadvantages, however, and as a remote entrepreneur, you can make your situation work in your favor. Below are three ways to do it.

Find the Right Space

Effective remote entrepreneurship starts by finding an ideal space to call, “your office.” It could be a quiet corner in your house or a desk at a co-working establishment.

Co-sharing or renting a virtual office costs more, but it offers benefits you may not have at home. These may include administrative staff, your very own business mailbox, and office amenities like conference rooms, audio-visual equipment, reliable Internet connection, and free coffee.

Finding a workspace that’s perfect for you and the nature of your business can help you stay productive and be motivated to work every day.

Remote Entrepreneurship

Engage and Maximize Opportunities

Maximize your time in co-working environments by engaging with the professionals and business owners with whom you’re sharing your virtual office.

Co-working offices in major cities like New York and Los Angeles often host networking events so clients can have fun while building business relationships. Such events can lead to profitable partnerships, so rather than go home at five, roll up your sleeves and join the party.

Enjoy Your Freedom (But Not Too Much)

Many entrepreneurs fall into a tiring routine of 12-hour workdays that leave little time for personal relationships and growth. While such a work ethic is understandable when you’re starting your business, it can backfire on your physical and mental health in the long run.

To fully appreciate the benefits of being a remote entrepreneur, remember to take some well-deserved time off. Travel, train for a marathon, dedicate Friday afternoons to volunteer work — do something that feeds the soul.

Also enjoy the perks that come with being your own boss, like taking naps in the afternoon and starting your workday at home. So, sit in your breakfast nook, sip your coffee, and enjoy the view outside your window as you go through your inbox.

Relish these privileges, but don’t let your enjoyment get ahead of your responsibilities; otherwise, you might develop habits that give remote working a bad name, like streaming Netflix while working and checking your phone for social media alerts every five minutes.

Making remote entrepreneurship work is really about beating procrastination and staying motivated and passionate about your business. Master these, and you will have an amazing journey where you fulfill your career and personal life goals.

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